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Meal Options

*Dolly's Gift To Students

*FREE LUNCH FOR ALL STUDENTS visiting Monday-Friday!  (Only school-sponsored field trips with 15 or more paid student admissions qualify for the free lunch.) 

Meal vouchers are available to purchase for $5.00 for extra meals on a weekday with school field trip reservation.  Meal vouchers for students visiting on Saturdays and Sundays can also be purchased for $5.00.  The School Meal Vouchers will be accepted at one of the following locations for the 2015 season: 

 Red's Diner  
Child’s Hamburger OR PB&J Sandwich & Fries OR Apple Sauce,
Child's Coca-Cola® Product   
Location:  Jukebox Junction
 Victoria's Pizza  
Cheese Pizza, Child's Coca-Cola® Product
Location:  The Village
 Grandstand Cafe
Hot Dog OR Chicken Tenders OR PB&J Sandwich & Fries or Apple Sauce
Child's Coca-Cola® Product
Location:  Country Fair
 Hickory House BBQ    
Child's Chicken Tenders, Fries or Apple Sauce, Child's Coca-Cola® Product
Location:  Craftsman's Valley 
Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza, Child's Coca-Cola® Product
Location:  Wilderness Pass 
 Miss Lillian's BBQ Corner 
BBQ Pork & Chips OR Sliced Apples, Child's Coca-Cola® Product
Location:  Craftsman's Valley - Outside

Additional cash meal vouchers can be purchased for $8.00, $10.00, $12.00 & $15.00.  Cash meal vouchers are valid at any Dollywood food location, up to face value.  Change will be given if full value is not used.

Information is subject to change without notice.