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Entertainment Employee Reviews

Kristen in front of mirrors

Singer at “Live at the Backporch” – 9th Season

"One of the reasons our guests come to the park is to watch shows. Dollywood’s audiences are very generous and appreciative. It fulfills me as a performer."

Kristen Porteusi

Kyle in front of instruments

Singer at “Live at the Backporch” – 2nd Season

"After 7 years as a professional entertainer, Dollywood is the most positive place I’ve ever been a part of. Going to work every day is like coming home."

Kyle King

Tiffany on stage

Singer at “Country Crossroads" – 1st Season

"Auditioning for Dollywood was encouraging and welcoming. I felt like their producers and staff were really rooting for all of us to do well."

Tiffany St. Clair

Stephen in front of a sound board

Theater Technician with The Kingdom Heirs – 3rd Season

"I get to work with the best people, best gear and best shows. The opportunities I have to learn and grow are tremendous."

Stephen Byrne