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The Difference is People—Dollywood’s Award-Winning Hosts

   PIGEON FORGE, Tenn.  – Dollywood’s devoted guests have known for years that much of the park’s southern charm comes from the open arms of the caring and inviting hosts, as Dollywood’s employees are known, who call the park home. So it was no surprise when  Amusement Today, a publication focused on the theme park industry, presented Dollywood with the 2012 Golden Ticket Award for the World’s Friendliest Theme Park. The park has won the award each year since, proving the Dollywood’s dedication to treating guests with the type of genuine hospitality often missing in today’s world.

Park hosts, quick with a smile, are eager to serve guests and help them with issues that may arise throughout the day. Guests routinely leave the park feeling as if they are leaving family. Other guests call Dollywood their second home. No matter how guests feel when they leave, there is one common thread… Dollywood is different.  

Exceeding Expectations

Dollywood’s employees are its greatest testament to customer service. From helping with directions to providing dining suggestions, friendly park hosts sincerely care about the guest experience. In fact, hosts routinely go beyond the call of duty to assist guests and ensure their day ends on a positive note. Sheila Hames, Merchandise Supervisor, once searched high and low to help a guest find his false teeth. She eventually found the misplaced dentures… after searching through a dumpster.

“Everything about this place makes me want to go above and beyond,” Hames said. “That is what Dollywood stands for, and it’s what we do. I love to say hello as I meet guests in the park. They are surprised when you do it. Sometimes, you meet the one person who really needed to hear it. To see that smile makes my day!

Providing solutions for guests is Barbra Anthony’s favorite part of the job. Anthony, Sales and Services Team Lead, once helped a family who drove across the country, only to have their Dollywood tickets stolen before they arrived in town.

“We try to fix every problem,” said the 26-year Dollywood veteran. “Once we found a record of the purchase, we replaced their tickets. We didn’t think much about it, but a few weeks later, we received a letter from the father. He went into detail about the ordeal and then finished by telling us we had saved his vacation. While it was just business as usual for us, he told us that without our help, their vacation would have been ruined. You know how that made us feel?

“How can you not love working at a place where your job is to smile and make people happy by helping them? I love solving problems and helping people.”

Finding a New Home

Thanks to the park’s infectious hospitality, many current hosts sought employment at Dollywood due to the warm experiences they had as guests. So enthralled with Dollywood, Hames moved from Connecticut to work in the park.

“We came to Dollywood on a family vacation 20 years ago, and I fell in love with the people,” she explained. “After my kids grew up and moved out, I came down and fell in love again.

“This is a family park; it was somewhere I wanted to bring my children. At Christmas, they say, ‘Merry Christmas.’ It was nice to be able to come and hear that. It gives you a happy heart to be here.”

One Big Family

 For Anthony, and many other hosts, Dollywood literally is family. She met her husband Jack, a member of Dollywood’s maintenance and construction team, while working in the park.

“God put me here for a lot of reasons,” she said. “One was to meet Jack. Another was for me to work with my Dollywood family to help people. We have an amazing family atmosphere, and I love that aspect of it. This is a great place to work because of the people and our company. They treat every employee like a valuable member of the team. All the things that make you a good employee flow out because you are made to feel welcome.”

Hames said satisfaction comes when she has giving her employees the necessary tools and environment needed for success. When she does her part, Hames knows the guest experience is unrivaled.

“I love trying to be the best servant leader I can be,” she said. “I believe when you come to work you should enjoy it. If my folks enjoy what they do, it will come out in their interactions with our guests. I love working to give those around me a great place to work. When I do that, I know our guests are in for an unmatched experience.

“Dollywood is about helping people and helping each other.”