Cost  $7 million
Unique Feature World’s first “fly through” station where the coaster roars through the station at approximately 40 mph on a track located eight feet above the loading platform, providing waiting guests with an up-close preview of what’s to come.

Thunderhead has 14 bridges with its track crossing over and under itself 32 times. 
Opened March 2004 
Track Length  3,230 feet 
Turns  22 
Tallest Drop 100-foot plunge into an extreme-speed "S" curve 
Maximum Speed  55 mph 
Trains 12 (24-passengers each) 
Ride Duration  2 minutes, 30 seconds 
Wooden track decking  10 miles 
Support towers (bents)  521 
Piers  1,600 
Manufacturer  Great Coasters International 
Minimum height requirement  48 inches 
Lumber 700,000 board feet of Southern yellow pine (enough to fill 30 tractor trailers) 
Concrete 3,600 yards 
Bolts  250,000 
Screws  2 million 
Rebar steel  185,000 feet 
Crew  Crews from Tennessee, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Mexico and California were involved in Thunderhead’s construction which required the use of 300,000 tons of heavy equipment. 
2005 and 2006 Amusement Today Golden Ticket Award winner for Top Wooden Rollercoaster
 Placed fifth on the 2013 Top 50 Best Wooden Coaster rankings from Amusement Today