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FireChaser Express, the newest addition to Dollywood’s collection of innovative coasters, is the nation’s first dual-launch family coaster. Riders blast out of the station one way, and after a series of twists, turns, and a few surprises, they come roaring back into the station going the opposite direction. With a minimum height requirement of only 39 inches, FireChaser Express is guaranteed to become a rite-of-passage coaster for thrill seekers as young as four or five years old.

FireChaser Express celebrates the volunteer-based fire departments of the 1940s who protected the neighboring Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Coaster passengers are asked to volunteer as fire recruits needed to help spot any potential fire hazards in the area. Recruits have a blast saving the day on FireChaser Express, but they also learn a lesson from the ride as well – anyone can be a hero, big or small, as long as you step up and volunteer.

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