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Master Glass Blower - Joe Deanda

Joe has been entertaining Dollywood guests for more than 20 years with his ability to coax beautiful forms from the fire using no more than his breath and a few simple tools. The distance between the two ends of the glass blower’s metal blow pipe, this craftsman’s primary tool, bridges the gap between the artisan’s imagination and the finished product.

Joe’s handmade items include beautiful pitchers, vases, lamps, ornaments and more. Each piece bears the marks of Joe’s choices during the glass blowing process, as each step reveals itself in the vivid spectrum of colors displayed in his work. Joe is limited only by his imagination.

“Combining heat, gravity and the human element to melted glass lets me create a piece of glass that catches someone’s eye. Later I find out they took it home, and it looked even more beautiful there.”

For centuries, East Tennessee craftsmen have used the items they have to create those items they need. Through the years, glass blowers have preserved the craft of glass blowing while it evolved into an art all its own. Today, Joe still relies on techniques and tools used by the Romans more than two thousand years ago. His commitment to his craft ensures that generations to come will enjoy the beauty of both decorative and functional hand-blown glass.