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Master Glass Painter - Victoria Rose

Victoria has been depicting beautiful nature scenes on glass for more than 15 years. Today, Victoria creates one-of-a-kind keepsakes by painting everything from Victorian images to country landscapes onto pieces of hand-blown glass made by Dollywood’s master glass blower.

As a child, Victoria learned to capture colorful images from the world around her, using glass as her canvas. A self-taught artist, Victoria draws on her deep love for nature to inspire her work. She gives her paintings depth and dimension by incorporating rich, vibrant colors to transport an image from her mind’s eye onto something exquisite like a glass lamp or pitcher.

“Each piece of painted glass is so full of light. I love creating heirlooms for families to treasure in the years to come.”

Many guests have benefited from Victoria’s impromptu paint lessons, where she teaches quick brushstroke techniques on a simple paper plate. It’s a five-minute process that speaks to both painters and non-painters. Through these brief but inspiring interactions, Victoria is carrying on the rich traditions of artists who communicate through brushstrokes of color to showcase God’s abundant and awesome beauty.