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Backstage Restaurant

Looking for a nice quiet spot to slow down and enjoy buffet-style dining with your family? Dollywood's Backstage Buffet Restaurant is the perfect place to sit and savor the delectable dishes and seasonal offerings found at one of our signature eateries.

Throughout the year, the Backstage Buffet Restaurant features themed culinary options to reflect the ambiance of Dollywood's five annual festivals. From the international selection during Festival of Nations to a sweet and tangy smorgasbord for Barbeque and Bluegrass, the buffets at Backstage have a taste to please every palate.

Holiday-themed feasts highlight the menu during the National Southern Gospel & Harvest Celebration and Smoky Mountain Christmas Festival, while the Great American Summer buffet features a spread to please every kid in the family…a spectacular pizza buffet!

Just one of Dollywood's award-winning dining options, Backstage Buffet Restaurant features fantastic food and a memorable family dining experience.