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LumberJack's Pizza

As any Lumberjack can tell you, whether you’re having fun or working hard, it’s easy to work up a big appetite. And LumberJack’s Pizza can help you tackle that appetite, no matter how big. From pizza by the slice, to whole pizzas, strombolis and salads, there is something for anyone.

To feed every member of your camp, LumberJack’s 30-inch pepperoni or cheese pie can feed 8-10 people. 


Other favorites at LumberJack’s include the strawberry spinach salad, the Southern chicken tender salad, bread sticks and an Italian sub.

If your fun-filled day at Dollywood has worked up a monster appetite, LumberJack’s has the perfect pizza for you and a friend…and if you finish it, you both win a Dollywood Super Gold Pass. We take our 12-pound, 30-inch pizza and load it with pepperoni, chicken, sausage, ham, bacon, assorted vegetables and cheese. If two people can eat the entire pizza in one hour, we’ll give each a person a Super Gold Pass. What do you have to lose?

Lumber Jack Pizza Challenge

Can you take on Lumber Jack's pizza challenge? Teams who complete the Lumber Jack pizza challenge will be given a prize of a Gold Season Pass.* 

*Teams of two must eat a 12 lb. pizza in one hour. The price of the challenge is $75. Visit Lumber Jack Pizza for more details. One Gold Season Pass per contestant.