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Saturday, March 21
  • Rhythm of the Dance

    Rhythm of the Dance - New!

    March 21 - April 20 Location:Showstreet 

    An inspiring epic which retells the journey of Irish Celts throughout history, Rhythm of the Dance is a dance and music extravaganza featuring a wealth of Irish talent. More details

  • Timber

    Timber! - New!

    March 21 - April 20 Location:Showstreet 

    This high-energy show features epic feats of strength and agility combined with a traditional folk soundtrack. More details

  • Los Pampas Gauchos

    Los Pampas Gauchos

    March 21 - April 20 Location:Jukebox Junction 

    Los Pampas Gauchos is a high energy show that begins with traditional music, dances, and comedy of an Argentine fiesta. More details

  • Invaders Steel Orchestra

    Invaders Steel Orchestra

    March 21 - April 20 Location:Craftsmans Valley 

    Trinidad’s oldest steel drum band, Invaders Steel Orchestra, celebrates 75 years of creating festive music in 2015. More details

  • Alash Ensemble

    Alash Ensemble - New!

    March 21 - April 20 Location:Village 

    A new addition to this season's Festival of Nations, Alash Ensemble are masters of Tuvan throat singing, a remarkable technique for singing multiple pitches at the same time. More details

  • Mariachi Divas

    Mariachi Divas

    March 21 - April 20 Location:Craftsmans Valley 

    Mexico’s Mariachi Divas are three-time Grammy Award-winners with unique songs always infused with the Latin sounds of mariachi. More details

  • Atahualpa - Ecuador


    March 21 - April 20 Location:Showstreet 

    With a rhythmic blend representing different areas of the Andes, Atahualpa bridges the gap between Dollywood and Ecuador.   More details

  • Zebra Stelzentheater

    Zebra Stelzentheater of Germany

    March 21 - April 20 Location:Showstreet 

    Zebra Stelzentheater features German stilt dancers in original costumes performing high-spirited routines while roaming the streets of Dollywood. More details