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Saturday, March 19
  • Mother Africa

    March 19 - April 18 Location:Showstreet 

    This renowned show combines skillful acrobatics, live music and traditional dance to delight audiences through a world-class demonstration celebrating Africa’s diverse traditions. More details

  • Los Pampas Gauchos

    Los Pampas Gauchos

    March 19 - April 18 Location:Showstreet 

    Los Pampas Gauchos is a high energy show that begins with traditional music, dances, and comedy of an Argentine fiesta. More details

  • Atahualpa - Ecuador


    March 19 - April 18 Location:Showstreet 

    With a rhythmic blend representing different areas of the Andes, Atahualpa bridges the gap between Dollywood and Ecuador.   More details

  • Celtic Coast

    March 19 - April 18 Location:Rivertown Junction 

    Celtic Coast features original music and traditional tunes inspired by the diverse musical heritage of Nova Scotia, Canada. More details

  • David Charrier

    March 19 - April 10 Location:Throughout the Park 

    This talented French musician shares his passion for discovering new rhythms and melodies with Dollywood guests through this interactive street performance. More details

  • Duo Del Sol

    March 19 - April 18 Location:Rivertown Junction 

    Duo del Sol stretches their instruments beyond traditional limits to create the raw energy and awesome sounds of a cutting-edge performance. More details

  • Coming Soon!

    The United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra

    March 19 - April 18 Location:Jukebox Junction 

    This unique ensemble plays a variety of world music, all arranged for the ukulele. More details

  • Via Romen

    March 19 - April 18 Location:Craftsmans Valley 

    Via Romen takes traditional gypsy music and interjects intricate improvisations, catchy tunes and flashy footwork. More details

  • Zebra Stelzentheater

    Zebra Stelzentheater of Germany

    March 19 - April 18 Location:Throughout the Park 

    Zebra Stelzentheater features German stilt dancers in original costumes performing high-spirited routines while roaming the streets of Dollywood. More details