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Centralized Measuring

Taking advantage of Centralized Measuring to avoid the disappointment of waiting in line only to discover your little ones aren’t tall enough to ride. Visit this station located near the Q2Q Reservation Center in the Park’s Market Square area.

Let Q2Q wait in line for you!

Make the most of your day at Dollywood with Q2Q - More Time, Less Wait for your favorite rides!

Visit the Q2Q Line System page for more information!
  • Holly Jolly™ Junction

    November 08 - January 03 Location:Craftsmans Valley Smoky Mountain Christmas festival_logo  

    Visit Rudolph’s Holly Jolly™ Junction, a magical area where festive fun awaits your family. More details

  • Amazing Flying Elephants

    Amazing Flying Elephants

    March 22 - January 03 Location:Country Fair  

    Take a seat aboard one of the "elephant" cars--you can even let mom and dad ride along if you want. More details

  • Barnstormer


    March 22 - January 03 Location:Owens Farm  

    Enjoy the same breathtaking moments that daring stunt pilots of the1920s might have experienced as they zoomed over the fields of nearby farms. More details

  • Kids Playing in Beaver Creek at Dollywood

    Beaver Creek

    May 19 - August 17 Location:Timber Canyon  

    Little loggers-in-training will love wading into the ripples of Beaver Creek where they can soak their toes and soak up good times. More details

  • Blazing Fury

    Blazing Fury

    March 22 - January 03 Location:Craftsmans Valley  

    An out-of-control fire is just minutes away from engulfing this 1880s town. More details

  • Kids riding Busy Bees at Dollywood

    Busy Bees

    March 22 - January 03 Location:Country Fair  

    Our "busy bees" are all a buzz with fun and excitement! More details

  • Calico Falls Schoolhouse

    Calico Falls Schoolhouse

    March 22 - January 03 Location:Craftsmans Valley  

    The one-room schoolhouse offers visitors a view of how many schools appeared in East Tennessee during the 1890s. More details

  • Chasing Rainbows

    Chasing Rainbows

    March 22 - January 03 Location:Adventures in Imagination  

    What does an entertainment legend do with countless awards, elaborate costumes and priceless artifacts? If you’re Dolly, you share them with your fans in this state-of-the-art interactive museum. More details

  • Daredevil Falls

    Daredevil Falls

    March 22 - November 01 Location:Craftsmans Valley  

    Only a real daredevil will venture into an abandoned logging camp for a one-of-a-kind boat expedition. More details

  • Demolition Derby

    Demolition Derby

    March 22 - January 03 Location:Country Fair  

    Family and friends may cross your path, but this is one time that it's okay to bump them out of your way as you make your way through the skirmish of cluttered bumper cars. More details

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