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Age Appropriate Rides & Attractions
  • Most Dollywood's Splash Country rides have minimum height requirements which you can view on our Rides page. But, depending on the height of your little ones, we might suggest the following rides: Toddlers: Little Creek Falls and The Cascades. Tweens & Teens: Big Bear Plunge, The Butterfly, Fire Tower Falls, Mountain Scream, Mountain Twist, Raging River Rapids, Slick Rock Racer, SwiftWater Run and Wild River Falls. Fun for the Whole Family: Downbound Float Trip, Bear Mountain Firetower and Mountain Waves.
Ride Height Requirements
  • If you’re visiting Dollywood's Splash Country with kids under 48 inches in height (or you’re just not sure), make sure to visit the park’s Centralized Measuring station located at the Splash & Dash Sundries. Your child will be measured by a Dollywood's Splash Country Host and given a color-coded wristband. The wristband helps you and your children quickly identify which rides he or she is tall enough to ride, based on the minimum height requirements established by the ride manufacturers to ensure Guest safety. The coded wristbands correspond to the color-coded information displayed on signs at each ride in the Park. Taking advantage of Dollywood’s Splash Country's Centralized Measuring service early in the day can help you and your family avoid the disappointment and frustration of waiting in line only to discover your little ones are not tall enough to ride. View a complete listing of Dollywood’s Splash Country's ride height restrictions here.
Maximize Your Ride Time
  • Upon arrival, decide which rides you want to enjoy. While everyone else is waiting for rides at the front of the park, lines are shorter if you're willing to walk a bit farther to the back of the park. The longest line tends to be at SwiftWater Run. We recommend you making this ride first on your list or late in the day after the crowd disperses.
Ride Symbols
  • At each Dollywood's Splash Country ride and attraction, you’ll find a posted symbol indicating its intensity. Four symbols are used throughout the Park: a red triangle, an orange diamond, a yellow circle and a green square. Along with watching the actual ride or attraction, the symbols are posted to help Guests make a more informed decision as to whether or not they wish to participate. The red triangle indicates a high thrill attraction; the orange diamond indicates a moderate thrill attraction; the yellow circle indicates a mild thrill attraction; and the green square indicates an attraction with low speed and/or shallow water. To learn more about the various ride designations at Dollywood's Splash Country, please click here.
Kids' Meals
  • Dollywood's Splash Country offers kids' meals at Campsite Grill, Outpost Snacks, High Country Provisions and Brushfire Grill.
Snacks from Home
  • Although you can't bring food items from home, Dollywood's Splash Country provides a variety of kid-friendly meals such as personal-size pizzas and chicken tenders. Fruit cups and salads also are available for a more healthful option as is milk. If you need something that is unavailable, you may obtain a hand stamp at the admission gate that allows you to leave Dollywood's Splash Country and return later.
Drinking Water
  • Staying well hydrated is an important part of a fun day in the sun, so we offer complimentary cups of water at all water park restaurants and most food outlets; just ask. Plus, water fountains are located throughout the park near most restrooms. Bottled water also may be purchased.
  • Locker rentals, shower facilities, and an ATM are available for your use.
First Aid
  • Dollywood's Splash Country has a First Aid Station with medical personnel on duty at all times during park operating hours.
Designated Smoking Areas
  • For the comfort of all our Guests, smoking and vaping are not permitted in restaurants, queue lines, retreats and canopies, and general seating areas. Designated smoking and vaping areas are available. Please check the Park Map for designated smoking and vaping areas.
Sundry Items
  • Regardless of how well you plan, it's still easy to forget something. Riverside Trading Post has an assortment of over-the-counter medications, sunscreen, water cameras, batteries, swim apparel and other items that might come in handy.
  • We encourage you to bring your own towel when visiting. Towels are not provided but are available for purchase at the Front Gate, Riverside Trading Post and Splash & Dash if you need one.
Age of Admission without Chaperone
  • For the safety of our guests, children must be 13 years old or older to enter without an adult. Children 12 years old and younger must be accompanied by a chaperone 16 years old or older. Unescorted children will not be admitted to Dollywood's Splash Country.
Best Value
  • If you plan on visiting Dollywood's Splash Country more than two days, the Dollywood's Splash Country season pass is your best economical value. Take advantage of our "Arrive after 3 PM, and the next day's free" program. It's that simple. Arrive after 3 PM and return the next operating day free!
Dress Guidelines
  • Only swimsuits are allowed on the water attractions; no swimsuits with buckles, rivets, or any sharp objects; no denim, corduroy or cutoffs allowed. Shirts are not permitted on the water slides (no exceptions). Thong swimsuits are not permitted. Shirts with profanity are not permitted.
  • Footwear with buckles is not permitted on the attractions. No footwear may be worn on the Mountain Scream, Wild River Falls or The Butterfly. Water shoes or similar footwear is acceptable on all other attractions.
Life Vests
  • Life vests are free of charge and required for small children and non-swimmers.
Tubes and Rafts
  • Personal tubes, rafts, and water wings are not allowed in the park. Any attraction that requires or allows a tube, raft or mat will have them provided free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis.
Family Restrooms
  • Family restrooms feature their own private entrance making these facilites accessible to both moms and dads with little ones. Family restrooms are located near the entrance to Big Bear Plunge and The Cascades.
Lost Children
  • We hope it doesn't happen, but prepare just in case your little one gets separated from you. Parents should contact the first available Host for assistance if a child is lost. Also, take time upon arrival to point out uniformed Dollywood's Splash Country Hosts or Security personnel to your child and encourage him/her to seek help from this individual if lost. If your child is old enough, designate an easy-to-find meeting place to gather if someone gets lost.
  • You can bring your own or Dollywood's Splash Country offers strollers for rent on a first-come, first-served basis. The fee is $11 for a single; $13 for a double (tax not included).
Swim Diapers
  • Swim diapers must be worn by babies/toddlers not yet potty trained. Swim diapers are available for purchase in the merchandise shop.