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Four pizzas together

Student Lunch Vouchers

FREE LUNCH for all students on school sponsored field trips visiting on a week day! Enjoy a select meal at various locations throughout the park.

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Student meal vouchers may be purchased for weekend field trips for only $5 each.

Barbecue Sandwich

Meal Vouchers

Valid at any dining location on park. Valid for a meal up to face value of the voucher. If full value is not redeemed, change will be given.


Price Options

$8*   $10*   $12*   $15*  $20*

*Meal prices do not include 10.75% tax. The tax rate is comprised of 9.75% TN state sales tax and 1% county food tax. Groups eligible for tax-exempt status are responsible for the 1% county food tax. Tax-exempt status waives the 9.75% sales tax only. Sales tax percentages are subject to change without notice.