April Spa Specials

Don't miss your chance to experience special spring offerings this April at The Spa at Dollywood's DreamMore Resort. For advanced reservations call, 865-428-9684.

Jelly Bean Sweet Treat for Hands & Feeti

With a combination of exceptional products, this treatment begins with an effervescent lemon soak. Followed by a watermelon sugar scrub. Finished with a succulent shea butter massage featuring notes of melon, strawberry, peach and mango. Best of all, this treatment comes with a side of Jelly Beans!

$90 (excludes gratuity)

Sinus Rem-E-Tea Facial

This treatment begins with a hot towel treatment steeped in Rosemary-Mint Tea, which is perfect for any sinus problem. Followby an invigorating Green Tea Milk Wash. Then, we'll use our Tea Cucumber Buffing Powder exfoliating mud mask. Finalize with an application of Three Milk Moisturizer and breathe deep knowing your sinuses are relieved.

$110 (excludes gratuity)

5 Herbs & Honey Milk Wrap

Reinvigorate your soul and your skin with this succulent wrap and moisturizing treatment. Green Tea Marigold Mineral towel compress, infused with organic teas and flower petals, wraps around you. A final moisturizing treatment incorporating Sweet Cream Body Milk Lotion and a drop of crisp Citrus Cilantro Oil, awakens and moisturizes skin.

$100 (excludes gratuity)

Hunny Bunny Couples Massage

This classic relaxation massage uses specific techniques to improve circulation, ease muscle tension, while relaxing the body and mind.

$200 (excludes gratuity)