2022 Early Ride Time Schedule for Season Passholders (and Lodging Guests) 2022 Early Ride Time Schedule for Season Passholders (and Lodging Guests)

2022 Early Ride Time Schedule for Season Passholders (and Lodging Guests)


February 11, 2022

With Dollywood's new Season Passholder options, guests can choose which of their favorite perks they want included with their pass. One of the great benefits of being a Dollywood Season Passholder is Early Ride Time on Saturdays. Quick lesson: Season Passholders with Gold or Diamond Passes (as well as Dollywood's lodging guests) are able to enter the park an hour earlier than park opening on Saturdays to enjoy a select attraction (or attractions). Not everyone takes advantage of this, though, so now there is a pass type that skips the thrills of exclusive opportunities like this. If you're simply looking for park visitation, and you're not interested in free parking, food and merch discounts and invitations to special events, then the Silver Pass is for you. But, if you are someone who loves to get a head start on your park day (plus many more perks), then Gold or Diamond Season Passes will get you in to enjoy specific attractions an hour earlier than general admission on Saturdays.

This is different than the new Golden Hours. I will explain those later in this blog! For now, let me tell you what the Early Ride Time lineup is for Gold and Diamond Passholders to enjoy in 2022:


March 12 Wildwood Grove

March 19 Tennessee Tornado

March 26 FireChaser Express

April 2 Wild Eagle

April 9 Mystery Mine

April 16 Lightning Rod

April 23 Country Fair

April 30 Thunderhead

May 7 Rockin' Roadway

May 14 FireChaser

May 21 Lightning Rod

May 28 Smoky Mountain River Rampage

June 4 Blazing Fury

June 11 Mystery Mine

June 18 Lightning Rod

June 25 Wild Eagle

July 2 Wildwood Grove

July 9 Tennessee Tornado

July 16 Smoky Mountain River Rampage

July 23 Lightning Rod

July 30 Mystery Mine

Aug. 6 FireChaser Express

Aug. 13 Thunderhead

Aug. 20 Wildwood Grove

Aug. 27 Wild Eagle

Sept. 3 Lightning Rod

Sept. 10 FireChaser Express

Sept. 17 Wildwood Grove

Sept. 24 Tennessee Tornado

Oct. 1 Country Fair

Oct. 8 Lightning Rod

Oct. 15 Mystery Mine

Oct. 22 Wildwood Grove

Oct. 29 Blazing Fury  


Our operating teams are still discussing the plan during Smoky Mountain Christmas festival, so stay tuned for what exclusive opportunities Gold and Diamond Season Passholders will enjoy later in the year. And, please know that due to unforeseen maintenance needs, this schedule can change.

It's important to understand that Early Ride Time is in addition to Golden Hours. Let me give you a few helpful things to note:


- There will be a Golden Hour every day of park operation. Early Ride Time is specific to Saturday.

- Golden Hours allow Gold or Diamond Passholders to use their passes like a TimeSaver for rides across the park. Passholders will use the TimeSaver entrances and the ride host will scan their passes for entry. During Early Ride Time, however, Passholders are the only guests enjoying the attraction, so there's no need to use the TimeSaver entrance.

- For most Saturdays, the timeline looks like this: 9 - 10 a.m. Early Ride Time and 10 - 11 a.m. Golden Hour. Gold and Diamond Passholders will receive both perks. This will be a HUGE help in getting attractions checked off your to-do list for the day!

- Each passholder (4 years old and older) must have his/her own Gold or Diamond Pass to be granted access to these exclusive opportunities. If you have a child younger than 4 (or if your child has the Pre-K Imagination Pass), he/she may enter with a Gold or Diamond Passholder.

There is a limited supply of Diamond Passes. You have until Feb. 13 to get Diamond. If you do not have a Gold Pass, but realize you want one, you may upgrade at the park, or by calling 1-800-Dollywood.


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