Big Bear Mountain Update Big Bear Mountain Update

Big Bear Mountain Update


February 28, 2023

The park is buzzing with excitement as crews work diligently to finish their projects to get Dollywood open for its 38th season. And, there’s a lot to be excited about. This spring, we are opening Big Bear Mountain which is Dollywood’s longest roller coaster in the history of the park. By now, you’ve likely heard the accolades:

-Three Launches

-Two Twisted Airtime Hills

-Two Tunnel Passthroughs (one behind a waterfall)

-Twisted Double Down

-High Speed Helix

-High Speed Carousel Turn

-Twisted Camelback

-Multiple Bunny Hops

-On-board Audio

-3,990 feet

-1:40 Ride Duration

-39-inch height requirement

DW23_Rides&Attractions_BigBearMountain_Construction_FinalTunnelTrack.jpgBut, what you’re looking for in this blog is a timeline. When will it open? You won’t have to wait long to find out. Dolly will be sharing that coaster opening date when she visits for park opening next week! (Her park, her information to share, you know?!)

I can tell you that we are still on target to open it this spring. Yes, weather impacted the timeline (45 weather-impacted days to be exact), but as Dollywood officials confirmed during a media tour last week, they are working extended hours and adding more staff on weekends and on nice-weather days to make up as much ground as possible. We are just as excited to get it open as our guests are excited to ride it!

The track is complete. The focus now is finishing the ride station, all the electrical work, theming and the entry plaza. Once all of that is done, our teams will be ready to begin ride testing. Ride testing typically takes a few weeks.


Until you can ride it, maybe you could memorize the route by watching this point-of-view ride animation video. See you soon!


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