Dollywood’s 2023 TimeSaver Program Dollywood’s 2023 TimeSaver Program

Dollywood’s 2023 TimeSaver Program


March 30, 2023

Editor’s Note: This blog post was co-written by Public Relations Intern, Tessa Brainard, and Digital Publicist, Amber Davis

With so many great rides and attractions to enjoy at Dollywood, there is simply no time to waste once you enter the front gates. If you are visiting the park and looking to make the most of your day, you are in luck because we offer TimeSaver passes, which allow guests accelerated access to select rides and attractions, including some shows.

Whether you are a Dollywood regular or a newcomer, this blog is your guide to all things TimeSaver. With the 2023 season underway, here’s what you need to know about how our TimeSaver Passes work.

Dollywood TimeSaver

To begin, there are two different pass options. The first is the Dollywood TimeSaver; starting at $60 per person (plus tax), guests can utilize this option to enjoy five expedited entries to any of the 13 TimeSaver attractions and priority seating at shows in participating theaters.


Note that while five entries can be used on a combination of eligible TimeSaver attractions, TimeSaver may now be used on Dragonflier and Lightning Rod only once. Entries to these two rides are taken from your five allotted entries.

Dollywood TimeSaver Plus

The second pass option is the TimeSaver Plus, which can be purchased for $80 (plus tax) per person. With this option, guests can enjoy unlimited expedited entries to rides and attractions. Additionally, the one-time entry restriction on Dragonflier does not apply on TimeSaver Plus passes. However, the restriction on Lightning Rod still applies.


To utilize TimeSaver for saved seats at some of our guest-favorite shows, reservations must be made in the TimeSaver Reservation Center. While there, you’ll select your preferred show time. Participating theaters include Pines Theater, Showstreet Palace Theater and Celebrity Theater.

Look for signage directing you to the TimeSaver entrance.


How They Work

If you purchase TimeSaver passes at the park, you will receive a lanyard that can be scanned at the ride.

If you purchase TimeSaver passes online, they go right to your phone, and ride attendants can scan your phone at the ride.


Gold and Diamond Passholder discounts are available for TimeSaver and TimeSaver Plus.

Remember, Dollywood’s resort guests receive complimentary Dollywood TimeSaver passes with the purchase of tickets or Season Passes. Resort guests receive a TimeSaver wristband that looks like this:


This wristband can be scanned at each ride just as the lanyard or tickets on your phone.


Please note that all TimeSaver passes are available on a first-come, first-served basis in limited quantities each day each day to maintain the integrity of the passes. Passes can be purchased at the TimeSaver Reservation Center (located on Showstreet across from the Ride Accessibility Center) or from a ticket window at the front gate. You can purchase before you arrive by ordering online or by calling 1-800-Dollywood.

In order to ensure you will get a pass, we recommend you purchase in advance online. Make sure everyone who wants expedited entry has a pass, because a single TimeSaver cannot be shared.

Please also note that attractions are subject to closure or cancellation at any time and may not be available during the time or day of your visit. TimeSaver passes are only active during the day of purchase, and there are no refunds on passes that have been used.


TimeSaver is available for both high-thrill attractions (Barnstormer, Drop Line, Mystery Mine, Tennessee Tornado, Thunderhead and Wild Eagle) as well as family attractions (FireChaser Express, Dizzy Disk, Sky Rider, Smoky Mountain River Rampage and The Waltzing Swinger).

For more information, or to purchase TimeSaver Passes online, please check here:


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