Pssst! Get Ready for the Dollywood Scavenger Hunt Pssst! Get Ready for the Dollywood Scavenger Hunt

Pssst! Get Ready for the Dollywood Scavenger Hunt


May 26, 2022

Grab your magnifying glasses and keep your eyes peeled because there is something soon-to-be hidden at Dollywood. A familiar butterfly has decided to play a game of hide-and-seek throughout the 2022 season. Guests of all ages can participate in this fun scavenger hunt as they stroll through the park. Some will even win a prize for being the first to find and return the wandering logo.

What's the Game?

Coming soon, Dollywood hosts will hide a butterfly in the park for a scavenger hunt. While the exact location will be a secret, guests can get daily hints on the logo's whereabouts from Dollywood's Twitter feed. For a week, the clues will get progressively more obvious until the butterfly is inevitably found. The lucky person who discovers and returns the item to Guest Services at Dollywood's front gate will be eligible to receive a prize. So, make sure to take in all of your surroundings during your next Dollywood visit.


This butterfly likes to hide in plain-sight, so don't go sneaking into places you shouldn't in the name of searching! If you don't see it on your walk through the park, you won't find it backstage either.

How Will I Know When It's Happening?

The butterfly will "land" in different spots randomly throughout the year. The best way to stay up to date if/when the object is hidden is to follow Dollywood on Twitter. Our Twitter feed will make the initial announcement that the butterfly has returned and that the game is, as they say, "afoot!" Additionally, Twitter will be providing updates and hints on the item's whereabouts for as long as it is nestled in the property.


Here's a little tip for you, Dollywood Blog faithful readers. The first scavenger hunt will take place during the end of the Flower & Food Festival from May 30 - June 5!

Who Can Play

Any Dollywood guest can play! Whether you are hoping to return the butterfly for a cool reward, or just spot it in the park as your own personal game of I-Spy, we encourage all Dollywood fans to play along and check Twitter daily. To redeem the butterfly and obtain the prize, guests must be 18 years of age or older. For our younger guests, a parent/guardian must accompany them to Guest Services for redemption.

How to Play

Come to Dollywood, or play at home! You can hunt through the park with your family and friends or guess at the location as clues are revealed online. You may not cash in the prize without visiting, but that doesn't mean you can't guess the hidden location.

The Prizes

Each time the butterfly sneaks into a new hiding spot, a new prize will sneak in with it. While we won't spoil the surprise now, the prize will change each time.

Some possible items include:

  • TimeSaver Passes
  • Dollywood Splash Country Tickets
  • Festival Tasting Passes
  • Merchandise
  • On-Park Experiences
  • And More

Be sure to stay up to date on all Dollywood news on Twitter, and maybe pay a little extra attention the next time you see a butterfly at the park. You never know-it could be a winner! For a full list of rules please visit


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