Flipping Dollywood from Fall to Christmas Flipping Dollywood from Fall to Christmas

Flipping Dollywood from Fall to Christmas


November 02, 2022

It's crunch week at Dollywood! That's what we call it internally, anyway. We have teams of people working around the clock to flip everything-décor, signage, stage sets, merchandise, menus, you name it-from fall to Christmas.

Our special events team is well-equipped to make this transition because we do it every year. Traditionally, they have six days to get it all done. But, this season, they're doing it in five. (Dollywood's Harvest Festival had such strong attendance, we decided to squeeze one more day into the operating calendar to give as many families a chance to visit as possible.)

But, have no fear! This is the same team that scrambled to deck the Dollywood halls in late summer for our Christmas movie shoot that is scheduled to air on NBC on Dec. 1, 2022. Once the shoot wrapped Sept. 1, the holiday trimmings came down to make room for fall colors and adornments. [Because of the time crunch, they did leave some Christmas up in Jukebox Junction.]

Now, the park is abuzz with activity as the pumpkins and mums roll out and the live evergreens, wreaths and 6 MILLION lights are put in place. (Did you catch that? We're jumping from 5 to 6 MILLION twinkling lights at Dollywood this Christmas!)

The logistical plan is impressive. Everything needs a place. Christmas elements are leaving the warehouse to be displayed at the park. Meanwhile, fall displays are leaving the park to go into storage at the warehouse. It's orchestrated chaos of the best kind. There are about 150 people who have their hands in this process. It takes lots of grit-and a lot of prayers for fair weather!

We are laser-focused on prepping the park for rope drop on Saturday morning. We can't wait to welcome you to Dollywood's Smoky Mountain Christmas: America's Best Christmas Event for 14 years running!


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