How Does a Season Pass Payment Plan Work? How Does a Season Pass Payment Plan Work?

How Does a Season Pass Payment Plan Work?


July 22, 2022

Editor's Note: This blog was last updated 7/22/22.

One of the most common types of questions our call center receives is about our Season Pass payment plan. This option truly is a great way to budget 10 months of fun for your family. Here are the answers to some of our most-asked payment plan questions:

How does it work? You choose the types of passes for your family (Child/Regular/Senior/ and pass types like Gold/Silver/Diamond), and then the total cost will be spread out in three, six, eight or 10 payments. Which plan you are eligible for depends on when you purchased your passes. The earlier you buy, the longer your plan can be.

Do I qualify for the payment plan? The only thing that could prevent you from qualifying is an outstanding balance on one of our previous season payment plans. Once the balance is paid, you'd be qualified to enroll in this season's payment plan. We do not run a credit check.

Are there any additional fees? This payment plan is interest-free! At time of purchase, you will be required to provide a non-refundable down payment that goes toward the total amount owed. This amount includes a service fee ($5.50) per pass and is calculated by taking the total cost of the passes divided by three, six, eight or 10 depending on when you purchase.

How is the payment amount decided? We take the balance after your down payment (one installment) and divide it by the remaining payments (either two, five, seven or nine). Your down payment counts as the first payment.

How often are the payments due? Payments are due every 30 days from the time the passes are purchased. Keep this in mind if there are certain times of the month that would be better for your budgeting.

Can I update my credit card information or pay online? Dollywood now offers a secure form for you to update your credit card information and make payments online! If your credit card is about to expire, has expired, you've changed accounts or want to make an extra payment, visit for the self-service option. It may take up to seven business days. You will receive an emailed confirmation of the update and/or payment. (The confirmation will be sent to the email associated with the update and/or payment submission.)

Can I pay it off early? You are welcome to make more than one payment at a time, or throw in a little extra-as long as you are meeting the minimum requirement and the payments are in the same increment. Example: if your payments are $50 each month and you have three months left, you can pay $50, $100, or $150.

Can I use the passes before they're paid in full? Yes! You may use your passes as you pay-as long as you are current on your payments.

How long will the payment plan option be available? Payment plans are only available for a limited time early in the season.Remember, the earlier you sign up, the better the value. Season Passes pay for themselves in two visits! For information on all the different ticket types, click here.

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