Answers to Your Most-Commonly Asked Questions Answers to Your Most-Commonly Asked Questions

Answers to Your Most-Commonly Asked Questions


March 10, 2022

Editor's Note: This post was updated March 14, 2023.

I polled our Contact Center hosts who take guest calls to put together a helpful Q&A for you. Here's a list of the most-commonly asked questions we're getting lately-with answers! I divided it into three main categories.



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Questions Season Passholders Ask

Bring-A-Friend tickets are a treasured perk for Dollywood's Season Passholders. And, this rule has been updated! To use these, the Passholder must be present with the Bring-A-Friend ticket holder. Otherwise, you may use as many as you like at one time. *See the next note about Bring-A-Friend ticket validity.

We love to provide the added value of giving Bring-A-Friend tickets to our Season Passholders for use throughout the year. This gives you the opportunity to bring a friend or family member to the park to experience Dollywood with you. We also make it easy for that friend to use that ticket for $10 off the purchase of a Season Pass (so they can return with you again and again!).

In 2023, Diamond and Gold Passholders have no restrictions on Bring-A-Friend tickets. Silver Season Passholders should check this calendar for validity dates.

We offer Dollywood Season Passes in tiers so you can choose what's best for your family. If it makes more sense, you may have different passes. BUT, if everyone wants to participate in the Gold perks, then everyone needs a Gold Pass. Mom's pass doesn't get the family into a Golden Event or Golden Hours. The only exception is for children younger than 4 or children who have a valid Pre-K Imagination Pass. The Pre-K Imagination Pass functions the same as the tier of the pass of the accompanying adult.

Questions About Tickets

We currently do not have a limited-activity ticket. Admission to Dollywood includes diverse opportunities beyond our world-class rides; walking into Dollywood gives you access to shows, craft demonstrations, immersive environments, mountain views and other attractions.

Admission into Dollywood includes whatever special event is happening on the day of your visit. That may include Flower & Food Festival, Smoky Mountain Summer Celebration, Harvest Festival featuring Great Pumpkin LumiNights and Smoky Mountain Christmas. You do not need anything else! The exception is ticketed events such as DP's Celebrity Theater performances during Rock the Smokies.

Child and Senior tickets are $10 less than adult tickets. Children 3 and younger do not need a ticket. They get into Dollywood and Dollywood's Splash Country for free. Adult tickets are for 10 years old through 61 years old. Seniors are 62 plus. Check prices here.

Make a habit to check our special offers page. This is where you'll find the best deals and current offers. Many discounts are available for a limited time. We have a standing offer for military families. To be looped in when we have special ticket and lodging offers, be sure you're subscribed to our emails.

Questions to Help Plan Your Trip

Dollywood is not open daily. Please check the operating calendar before every visit. We close just after the new year and re-open in mid-March. Once open, we still use closed days for park improvements and to give our hosts time off. Dollywood's operational calendar is set based on travel trends throughout the year (and is staffed accordingly). In the early spring, for example, we are open, but many families don't travel until spring break, so we are closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Then, during the busiest spring break period, we are open every day. During the summer, we are open every day. The best piece of advice is to check the calendar before you visit.

We make 20% of our Electronic Convenience Vehicles (ECV) fleet available for online reservation. Once those are claimed, all other Rental Services- including strollers, lockers, ECVs and wheelchairs-are available on a first-come, first served basis. We recommend arriving early in the day before they sell out. As rentals are returned, they will be available for rent to the next guest.

You do not need advanced reservations to eat at one of our sit-down park restaurants. You may stop early in the day to put your name on a list for dining at Front Porch Cafe© or Aunt Granny's Restaurant, but there is limited availability for this opportunity. Dollywood has a more laid-back atmosphere than other family destinations. Don't worry too much about finding a spot to sit and eat. You'll enjoy something great wherever you land!

Weather is one of the biggest indicators of crowd size. A beautiful Sunday is going to be busier than a rainy Saturday. If you want the smallest crowd, look for a not-so-great forecast, and visit that day. The next thing to be aware of: people visit when they're off school and work. A weekend typically is busier than a weekday. Spring break, summer vacation, fall break, and Thanksgiving week and Christmas/New Year's weeks are always popular. Plan to avoid these peak times if you prefer smaller attendance numbers.


Attractions Dining Festivals Trip Planning All Blogs FAQs

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