Myth Buster: Are Holidays Busier for Dollywood? Myth Buster: Are Holidays Busier for Dollywood?

Myth Buster: Are Holidays Busier for Dollywood?


August 31, 2022

There's a common misconception that holidays at Dollywood are extra busy. Aren't you glad you have me to set the record straight? With Labor Day weekend fast approaching, I wanted to give you confidence before you finalize your plans on things to do this fall. In the theme park world, big crowds usually follow good weather—not a specific date on a calendar. Historically speaking, you may see more traffic on the road during the big three summer holidays (Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day), but they're not all traveling to Dollywood! So, here's my pitch to you: seize the opportunity to enjoy world-class rides, shows and food with a smaller [than expected] crowd.

Perhaps, because Labor Day is often viewed as the unofficial end of summer, people make plans to do things they won't be able to do in the weeks beyond. For that reason, I do urge you to get to Dollywood's Splash Country. I mean, it's the Smokies' most-trusted water park-not to mention it's gorgeous. If you enjoy seasonal rhythm and want to send off the summer with a splash, then, by all means, enjoy the pools at our water park before the season ends. Taking a look at Dollywood, we anticipate moderate crowds for Labor Day weekend. Provided the weather is pleasant, the days leading up to the holiday are weekend days, so they tend to be busier than Labor Day itself. With that in mind, visiting on Monday is a great strategy. If you're ready to do something this weekend, we'll be ready to host you. And, it doesn't hurt that we have some really great offers for you to enjoy. 


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