What You Need to Know about Dollywood's Lost and Found What You Need to Know about Dollywood's Lost and Found

What You Need to Know about Dollywood's Lost and Found


July 18, 2022

If you are able to travel light-you have a gift. I remember the days of leaving the house with my sunglasses, wallet and cell phone. Those days are over. Now, it's diaper bags, backpacks, sippy cups, snacks, entertainment, changes of clothing-just about everything but the kitchen sink, as they say. I get it now: people come with STUFF. And, a lot of that stuff comes with us into places like Dollywood. But, what if on your fun day at Dollywood you [GASP] lose that stuffed bunny rabbit your 2-year-old cannot sleep without? Where do you begin to search? I have the answer for you right here!

If you realize you're missing an item before you leave the park, you can visit the Lost and Found in person. It's located across from Guest Services outside the turnstiles.

If you make the discovery after you leave, you can either call (865) 428-9838, or you can fill out a claim here: www.dollywood.com/lostandfound. This form asks for your contact information and details about what you lost. The more details you provide, the better! This software helps us match up owners with lost items.

You may choose to return to pick up the item from our park, or we can ship it to you. Shipping rates depend on distance and priority. We store items for 30 days. After 30 days, the item is donated, destroyed or discarded depending on what it is. When I stopped by the Lost and Found, I found bins and bins of hats, sunglasses and cell phones waiting to be reunited with their owners. This year alone we've had strollers, shoes, retainers, false teeth, hearing aids, toys, wallets, car keys, jewelry, and the list goes on and on.

The hosts who work at the Lost and Found see thousands of items come in every year. They had some tips to share with me:

  • Be proactive. Leave your loose articles in a locker or with a non-rider. If something is lost on a ride, the ride cannot be shut down to search for it. Notice that shattered screen on the phone I'm holding! Leave your loose articles in a locker or with a non-rider. (Remember, it also puts others at risk if something flies out of the ride vehicle!) Many of our rides are built on or around mountainous terrain. Some lost items may not be accessible and may never be retrieved.
  • Be sure to give a good description of the item (include details about the phone case, your wallpaper picture, etc. if it's a phone). Our maintenance teams walk the ride perimeters each morning to check each attraction. They often find lost items. The better your description, the quicker we can "match" the item to your claim. You'll get a text or email as soon as we make that match and give you options to be reunited with your item.
  • The Lost and Found is open one hour after the park opens and remains open 30 minutes after the park closes. There's a drop box if you found someone else's lost item and the Lost and Found is closed.

So as you plan on things to do this summer, please include planning on how to keep your things safe and organized.


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