What's New? Dollywood's Flower & Food Festival 2022 What's New? Dollywood's Flower & Food Festival 2022

What's New? Dollywood's Flower & Food Festival 2022


April 05, 2022

In just two short years, Dollywood's Flower & Food Festival presented by Covenant Health has become an iconic season on the Dollywood calendar. Introducing eye-catching items like the Umbrella Sky and mouthwatering food, it is no wonder that the festival has quickly become a fan favorite. As with everything we do here at Dollywood, we are making this year's Flower & Food Festival even bigger than before! As if you weren't already planning a trip to Dollywood during the festival (April 22 - June 5), you definitely will after seeing all the new items we have in store.

Spring festival mosaiculture

New Flower Displays

Beyond Umbrella Sky, the largest visual addition each spring is our floral displays we call Mosaicultures. These next-level floral sculptures draw inspiration from our amazing Smoky Mountains and provide a beautiful backdrop to your visit. This year, we will add three brand-new icons to the Craftsman's Valley section of the park. Look for a peacock, a beekeeper and a mallard duck. These new scenes will expand the festival's footprint and create even more colorful moments.

More Than A Million Blooms

It's not just the flower structures that are getting bigger this year! In addition to those colossal floral installations, more than one million blooms will adorn our entire 160-acre theme park. We know that our guests love the natural beauty of the Smoky Mountains, especially as it re-awakens each spring.

The largest single floral installation will frame the walkway connecting Craftsman's Valley to The Village. More than 37,000 flowers will carpet the hillside to create a stunning mountain sunrise scene. Every corner and flower bed inside the gates will feature a new inlet of bright blooms to help bring the beauty of the mountains down to Pigeon Forge.

Did You Know?

In 2021, Dollywood was awarded the Golden Ticket for World's Most Beautiful Theme Park by Amusement Today!

All-New Spring Festival Entertainment

In the Adventures in Imagination section of the park, a past-favorite returns in a new way! The beloved Sway Poles are back at Dollywood for the first time since 2013. This Australian entertainment group will put acrobatic performers nearly 12 feet in the air as they create a captivating living floral display. Called "Bloom!", this show draws inspiration from dance, circus and theater all in one!

And there's even more excitement in store for this section of the park: An immersive walkthrough attraction has been crafted for a pop-up experience in Chasing Rainbows. "Dolly's Butterfly Garden" will offer guests an immersive opportunity that pairs Dolly's music with a motion-activated digital exhibit featuring a trail of butterflies that follow your movement. This new festival element combines whimsical imagination with cutting-edge technology for a limited time, one-of-a-kind theme park experience.

Festival Food Passes

Food is the other large focus of this festival. (Shocking, I know!) Our culinary team has created several unique menu items that will be exclusive to this event. With all of the new inclusions, and only so much tummy space, we want to make sure our guests can try as many of the new creations as possible. That's why the Flower & Food Festival Tasting Pass has returned for the 2022 festival! With a Tasting Pass, guests can experience five different festival food offerings. Gold and Diamond Season Passholders will benefit from a discounted rate on the 2022 Flower & Food Festival Tasting Pass. These tasting passes are already available for purchase-and the menu looks pretty tasty!

There is nothing quite like springtime at Dollywood. The weather is just right, the food is unbelievable and the beauty of the scenery is unmatched. We hope to see you April 22- June 5 to experience this amazing festival and everything it has to offer!


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