Why Choose Dollywood's Splash Country Why Choose Dollywood's Splash Country

Why Choose Dollywood's Splash Country


July 13, 2022

Dollywood's Splash Country celebrated its 22nd season in 2022. That kind of staying power comes with some great perks. Why choose to spend your time at an established park or even consider it when thinking of things to do this summer? I'll give you my top five reasons, though there are certainly more!

The Dollywood Brand

When you visit Dollywood's Splash Country, you are visiting Dollywood. It's an immersive experience that envelopes you in charm and Smoky Mountain adventure from the moment you drive onto the property. Unlike other water attractions, sliding down a tube won't be your only thrill of the day. Whether it's enjoying live entertainment as you float in the wave pool or finding our calming area when someone in your party is overstimulated, you can count on Dollywood's Splash Country to offer a fun outing for everyone in your family. With the Dollywood stamp, you know your experience is going to be top-notch on all levels. Others may try to imitate, but they'll never duplicate.

Dollywood Hosts

At Dollywood's Splash Country, you are our guest and we are your hosts. That culture is so important, our employees are called hosts. The not-so-secret sauce for our company's success is the intangible qualities our hosts embody as a whole. Yes, we win awards for our friendliness and guest experience, but dig into the why and you'll find that our quality is a result of more than great host training. Consider this: though tourism was nothing new to this small mountain community when Dollywood opened in 1986, the Dollywood brand catapulted this region into incredible economic growth never before realized. Now, many years later, people who work here are so proud to be a part of the Dollywood family, it motivates us to be the best we can be.

At our water park, you'll meet lifeguards who go the extra mile to entertain our guests (even when we have to close attractions for inclement weather--check out this blog about the games we play with guests). Encounters like this are more common than not.

Similarly, when it comes to safety, our hosts ensure we are second to none. Our lifeguards are among the most well-trained and tested guards in the world. And, our management team utilizes a state-of-the-art monitoring system to keep a close eye on water quality. Our commitment to our guests' safety is seen in every decision we make.


The beauty of Dollywood's Splash Country is undeniable. There's no concrete jungle here. The Smokies theming is so well-done, you will be transported from ordinary to mountain oasis-if only for a day.

The family environment is fun with tongue-in-cheek signage you should watch for on buildings and vignettes along the way.

To top it off, the lush landscaping fits as naturally as wildflowers in a Smoky Mountain meadow.


One of my favorite distinguishing features of Splash Country is that it was built into a mountain hollow. Literally. Try to get a scope shot of the park. You can't! Our attractions are tucked between trees and nestled into a little valley. This is one of the strongest arguments in favor of visiting an established park-we're well-shaded with mature trees throughout the property. Competitors can't say the same. Also, if you're in the market, there are several opportunities for renting a themed and luxurious cabana.

Best Value Offers

Finally, because the Dollywood portfolio is large, we are able to offer guests more value than anyone else around. From package deals to new products, you'll find the most bang for your buck at our properties. My favorite offer is our Water Park Dining Pass. This option for Season Passholders is great because it includes a snack AND a meal every time you visit!

Dollywood's Splash Country is a water park set apart. The Dollywood difference stands the test of time and will be the standard you will hold up for comparison when you go anywhere else. Comesplash with us this season and you'll understand why we confidently say we make memories worth repeating.


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