Why You Should Plan Your Dollywood Spring Trip Today Why You Should Plan Your Dollywood Spring Trip Today

Why You Should Plan Your Dollywood Spring Trip Today


February 15, 2023



The excitement that comes around planning a new trip is only matched by the excitement of the trip itself. Scrolling on your phone showing everyone the photos/videos of the places you are about to visit is a peak moment of the overall travel experience. In the dreariness of winter, there is no better time than now to start getting that trip planning energy.

Now, the folks here at Dollywood have a very similar mindset. We’re ready for winter to be over, and while the park may be closed right now, it won’t be for much longer. So, get out your phones and get to scrolling through your photos, because it is time to start planning your spring trip to Dollywood, today.

DreamMore Resort’s Spring Break Stay & Play

Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa is currently running what might be the best online deal this side of the Mississippi. If you book a room any time before March 30 for this spring (March 11 – May 25), not only will you get 10% off per night, you will also get TWO one-day admission tickets to Dollywood! I mean c’mon. How good is that?! Discounted rates to stay at the Smokies premier resort plus tickets to the #1 theme park in the United States (according to Tripadvisor!). And I can’t forget to mention the exclusive privileges that Dollywood resort guests get: Saturday Early Entry, TimeSaver Passes, trolley transportation to the park, etc.



This deal is a limited time only: you have to book before March 30. So, be sure to check out all the info on this Stay & Play deal right here, and get to booking.

Dollywood in Spring

Springtime in the Smokies is special. To be fair, every season in the Smokies is special, but you get the point. The season of rebirth and renewal is felt all around the national park and Pigeon Forge. Flowery bliss is on grand display at Dollywood during this time. Our iconic Flower & Food Festival goes into full bloom on April 21 and offers the incredible combo of stunning natural displays with mouthwatering seasonal options.


DW22_Events_FFF Butterflies.png

I could keep going, but this speaks for itself.

New Celebrations

Before Flower & Food Festival, but still within that springtime visit window for Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa’s Stay & Play package, a Dolly-centric Celebration will be going on throughout the park. This one-time event will celebrate the writing of Dolly’s iconic song “I Will Always Love You.” This celebration is unique to 2023 and cannot be experienced again. It runs from March 11 – April 8, very conveniently in the school spring break window.



Join Ned Oakley

And finally, as if you didn’t have enough reason yet to visit, Dollywood will unveil its largest single attraction to date this spring! That’s right, Big Bear Mountain will launch onto the park very soon. Ned has been putting a lot of work into his off-season project, and we cannot wait for guests to experience it in Wildwood Grove.



Spring is a time for adventure, so get to planning yours! We’ll be ready for you!


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