Winter Work at Dollywood’s Splash Country Winter Work at Dollywood’s Splash Country

Winter Work at Dollywood’s Splash Country


February 03, 2023

What happens at a water park in January and February? More than you might think. Dollywood’s Splash Country has been closed since the day after Labor Day, and it won’t be long before you get to enjoy the many upgrade projects the team has been working on for the past several months. Here are my favorite highlights:

More Shade

First, let’s talk about shade. We’re adding an additional 2500 square-feet of covered space to the wave pool deck! Each of these pavilions will be extended. See where the new posts are placed? This translates into more rows of chairs in the shade at each pavilion! This is a PREMIUM perk at a water park!

Slide Work

Water parks require a lot of maintenance. Every year, an attraction or two get some off-season attention. This year, Mountain Scream is getting the love. You may recall that this attraction has three slide options. Specifically, crews are replacing the runouts. So, those will be all new when you come back this year!
Slide work in progress

Atmosphere Upgrades

Dollywood’s Splash Country is one of the prettiest water parks you’ll find anywhere. Though a lot of credit goes to our landscaping team, we’re also blessed that our location is nestled into a mountain hollow. There’s lots of natural beauty. New paint certainly doesn’t hurt. Look for fresh touches to the waterfall at the entrance to the lazy river.
If you’ve ever renovated a bathroom, you may understand why this next update makes me giddy: the water park’s main restrooms at the front of the park got a major overhaul. From new (and brighter!) lighting to modern tile and fixtures, you’re going to want to stop in to check these out on your next visit.
restroom upgrades
There are always general construction and cleaning projects like replacing tired wood and rust mitigation. Right now, crews are hard at work on the deck at the bottom of Wild River Falls. You will even see a new fence around the seating area. It will resemble the fence along our bridges.


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All Blogs Water Park Behind the Scenes

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