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Master Candle Maker - Kearan Dykes

It’s a craft handed down from generation to generation. Kearan Dykes has been spending the past 20 years perfecting her craft in hopes of sharing it with yet another generation.

Kearan learned the art of candle making from another Dollywood craftsman who came from a long line of candle makers. Inspired by her teacher’s example, Kearan now shares the joy of her craft with others with hopes of inspiring future generations to carry the torch—or flame—of candle making for years to come.

"I find great joy in taking a bit of string and some wax and creating a lovely candle that one day will light someone’s home.”

As our earliest source of artificial light, candles have been a mainstay in our lives for thousands of years. Today candles serve not only as decorative home accents, but they also have a place in many religious services as well as birthdays and other holiday celebrations.

A love for candle making is evident in Kearan’s intricate designs. By teaching missionaries her craft, Kearan’s candle making techniques have reached as far away as Kenya. Her craft allows a tiny flame to showcase a lifetime of learning.