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Master Wood Carver - Lee Warren

For 25 years, Lee has worked with wood, carving intricate designs and figures. An image in Lee’s mind carefully plays out on a piece of wood, his hands delicately guiding the chisel to capture the subtleties of expression and depth. He is not only a master carver, but a student of the art as well.

“Learning the different aspects of my craft is one of the most exciting parts of my job. Wood carving has many facets to study and provide inspiration.” By perfecting his own craft, Lee is a teacher to future generations, ensuring that the art of wood carving endures for years to come.

“Each wood carving project is a new journey for me. The destination is complete when someone takes home a carving they can enjoy and treasure for many, many years.”

Not only is Lee a wood carver, he is also a dedicated historian. His travels have taken him to Europe where he studied old-world carving techniques in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Today, Lee uses methods only slightly different from techniques used by woodcarvers more than 200 years ago.