Passport To Foods

Travel the world with our Passport to Food as your taste buds experience an expanded international menu with savory and sweet delights!
Preview our selection and plan your Foodie tour to nine countries and four continents before you arrive! 
Country:  Canada
  • Poutine - Originally from Quebec, Canada, poutine rose to prominence in the 1950s. In our version, fries are served up golden and crispy, then topped with savory brown gravy and fresh cheese curds.
  • Fried Cheese Curds - Fresh cheese curds are breaded and deep fried, resulting in rich, melty nuggets of cheese! The fried curds are served with a side of brown gravy for dipping.
Country:  Cuba
  • Cuban Sandwich - Another of Chef Pepin’s favorites, this warm Cuban sandwich is piled high with sliced ham, swiss cheese, mustard and dill pickles. It is topped with marinated pork shoulder and served on fresh Cuban bread.
  • Arroz Con Pollo - This featured recipe comes from world-famous Chef Pepin. His traditional Cuban arroz con pollo features traditional rice and chicken served alongside Bush’s black beans.
  • Mint Refresher - Enjoy Dollywood’s take on the popular Cuban drink made with lemonade, Sprite and a hint of mint.
Country:  Ecuador
  • Empanadas - Traditional Ecuadorian beef empanadas feature a ground beef filling cooked with onion, garlic and a blend of authentic spices. The beef filling is wrapped with homemade dough, deep fried and served with a tasty mango chutney.
  • Arroz Con Leche - Also known as rice pudding, this delightfully simple treat features a creamy, sweetened rice base with a hint of cinnamon. Golden and regular raisins add a tasty texture to this Ecuadorian staple.
Country:  Germany
  • Bavarian Pretzel Bites - These golden-brown pretzel bites are served warm and covered in a generous helping of our homemade beer cheese.  
  • Gluehwein - A delicious German treat, gluehwein features a fresh blend of apple juice, black tea, lemon and orange juices, and includes notes of cinnamon and cloves.
Country:  Italy
  • Cannoli - These Italian pastries originated in Sicily and feature a crisp, fried pastry dough shell, filled with a sweet, rich and creamy filling.
  • Chocolate Biscotti - This Italian bakery delight features white chocolate chips and pecans and is drizzled with rich milk chocolate.
Country:  South Africa
  • Bobotie - This authentic South African dish features sausage, almonds and traditional seasonings baked to perfection in a golden, flaky crust.
  • Lemonade Punch - A traditional South African beverage, this cool drink is the perfect complement to the authentic Bobotie.
Country:  South Korea
  • Beef Bulgogi Nachos - These unique nachos feature marinated skirt steak strips in a traditional spicy and sweet South Korean sauce served on crispy fried wonton chips. The nachos are drizzled with a sweet chili glaze and topped with scallions.
  • Apricot Cherry Green Tea - This refreshing South Korean drink features green tea sweetened with apricot and cherry.
Country:  Spain
  • Paella - Our version of paella includes a flavorful combination of Valencian rice, Piquillo peppers, chorizo sausage and shrimp. This aromatic dish smells as good as it tastes!
Country:  Trinidad
  • Beef Skewers - These slices of beef are grilled to perfection, then drizzled with a chimichurri sauce for a robust and flavorful taste straight from Trinidad.
  • Citrus Punch - This refreshing combination of fruit juices provides a cool, crisp taste to quench your thirst.

Festival Of Nations (March 16 - April 14)

Dollywood's Festival of Nations displays the most captivating entertainment from around the world during celebration of music, dance, food and art.