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Karen George

My Family's Typical Day at Dollywood 
Category: Family Visits
Date: February 10, 2017

My family has our Dollywood routine down pat! When we visit, we know exactly what we’re going to do. I’ll share my “typical” day at Dollywood with you, in hopes that your family will make your own traditions when you visit.


Favorite Dollywood Eats
Category: Dining
Date: March 29, 2017

A fun family day at Dollywood requires fuel at some point! And, if you haven’t heard, this park is ALL about good food. I know a lot of families make it a tradition to grab burgers and fries at Red’s Drive-In, or a newer tradition to find a seat outside and enjoy the new chicken sandwich from Frannie’s food truck. If you’re pausing while enjoying the big coasters in Timber Canyon, Lumber Jack’s pizza is a popular spot. Dogs N Taters will satisfy your theme park food craving for (you guessed it) hot dogs or corn dogs. Maybe you’d like to enjoy some Southern cooking at Granny Ogle’s Ham and Beans—that’s something you don’t find at most theme parks! But there are a couple places in particular that are my go-to’s that I want to tell you about.


I have an allergy to gluten and Front Porch Cafe is one of the best eateries at Dollywood to accommodate allergies. Once we told the host that I have an allergy, she promptly asked the chef to come and speak with me. He was very attentive and advised me on the menu and came back to check and see if I was pleased after I received my food. Dollywood is always keenly aware of the needs of their guests. I, for one, appreciate this!

But for me, one stands out more than the rest. Watch this video to find out why Aunt Granny’s is my favorite place to eat at Dollywood.


Favorite Finds in Chasing Rainbows
Category: Dolly Parton
Date: May 10, 2017

Sure there are world-class rides and shows at Dollywood—but have you ever taken the opportunity to explore Dolly Parton’s museum, Chasing Rainbows? It’s something I do every time I visit the park because there’s always something new to see. I’ll take you on a quick tour of my favorite finds!