Dolly Visits HeartSong Lodge & Resort Site (PLUS First Look at Suite 1986!) Dolly Visits HeartSong Lodge & Resort Site (PLUS First Look at Suite 1986!)

Dolly Visits HeartSong Lodge & Resort Site (PLUS First Look at Suite 1986!)


June 29, 2022

"A Heartsong melody, plays like a symphony, the sweetest music I have ever known." These are the first lyrics of Dolly's song "Heartsong" from her 1994 album "Heartsongs: Live from Home," which was recorded right here at Dollywood. If you're familiar with Dollywood, you know that that song plays in the show and theater of the same name at Dollywood, Heartsong: The Movie inside Heartsong Theater. You also probably know that our newest resort, set to open in fall of 2023 has the same name, Dollywood's HeartSong Lodge & Resort. Obviously, the term "Heartsong" means a lot to our Dreamer-in-Chief. Below is a snippet of what she had to say about HeartSong Lodge during a media event at the resort's construction site on Friday, June 24.



HeartSong Lodge will have 302 rooms, some of which will have balconies. This reimagined Smoky Mountain lodge features four-story, lantern-inspired windows in the resort's welcoming atrium, epic indoor and outdoor pools that provide guests a refreshing escape in all seasons, and a picture-perfect outdoor cove with family gathering spaces, communal fire pit and screened-in porch. With 26,000 sq. ft. of flexible indoor and outdoor meeting space, the property can accommodate gatherings for several hundred guests. From the two-story HeartSong Event Center to spacious outdoor meeting spaces and event lawn, the resort offers numerous options to provide a unique and inspiring setting for groups. The Dollywood Company President Eugene Naughton joined Dolly on stage at the media event to describe what guests can expect when HeartSong Lodge opens next fall in the clip below.



During the media event, The American Chestnut Foundation honored Dolly's Uncle Bill Owens. Owens took Dolly to all of the local shows and helped her get her first job on the "Cas Walker Show." He loved many things including playing guitar and writing and singing music, but one of his greatest passions was saving the American chestnut tree. Lisa Thomson, the President and CEO of the American Chestnut Foundation presented Dolly with the Chestnut Conservation Champion Award in honor of her Uncle Bill.

Dolly had this to say about her Uncle Bill and the American chestnut tree.



Uncle Bill and the American chestnut tree also will be remembered by an American chestnut tree in the mural in each HeartSong Lodge & Resort guest room.

Media members also had an opportunity to tour Suite 1986-Dolly's former tour bus which has been turned into the ultimate hotel suite. Now located at Dollywood's DreamMore Resort and Spa, the Suite 1986 Tour Bus Experience illustrates another facet of the country music icon's life-the free-spirited traveler.

The Prevost was Dolly's home away from home as she traversed the country throughout the last 15 years. This unique sanctuary is where Parton wrote dozens of songs and worked on a number of hit projects that continue to cement her status as an international superstar.

Suite 1986 guests enjoy these special accommodations as well as additional experiences which can be added to the stay. Guests also have the chance to indulge in special culinary creations from the award-winning staff of the resort. The suite features a dedicated concierge service for the entire length of stay, as well as a number of exclusive Suite 1986 items that guests are able to take home as a keepsake from this incredible experience.

The tour bus sleeps two guests. In addition, stays include a DreamMore Resort guest room to accommodate up to four additional guests. The Suite 1986 Tour Bus Experience is a two-night minimum and starts at $10,000. The profit from every stay will be donated to The Dollywood Foundation. Requests for bookings are available now. For more information about how to book this once-in-a-lifetime experience, please visit

Our Dreamer-in-Chief is always dreaming up new ways for guests to enjoy time together, create memories and get a glimpse into her world. Stay tuned for more on HeartSong Lodge & Resort and Suite 1986! And without further ado, watch Dolly perform a special rendition of Heartsong below!



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