Time for Spring Flavors with a Festival Tasting Pass Time for Spring Flavors with a Festival Tasting Pass

Time for Spring Flavors with a Festival Tasting Pass


April 14, 2023

When Dollywood’s award-winning Flower & Food Festival start date of April 21 edges closer on the calendar, my excitement and anticipation grow for the amazing aromas of both blooms and baked goodies parkwide.

If you’re like me, the only problem with a festival that features a full range of delicious goodness from sweets and beverages to salads and entrees is what to try first. Well, Dollywood has eliminated that problem for you by bringing back the Flower & Food Festival Tasting Pass, which allows you to enjoy five festival creations for one price.

So Many Options, So Little Time

It’s all about strategy in my opinion, and I think it works best when you have a partner in culinary crime that has both similar and different tastes from your own. That way, you get to experience twice the number of tasty treats to figure out your favorite foods. It also allows you to be able to pick more options to try from the abundance of choices – narrowing down deliciousness takes too much energy on a fun Dollywood day, so I want to try more rather than less!

My Must-Try New Items

Several new selections on the menu have caught my eye and have moved to the top of the list for what needs to be tasted!  In no particular order, here are my Top 5 selections for making the best use of my Flower & Food Festival Tasting Pass.

  • Loaded Potato Tornado: I’d try this new entry in the festival food lineup just for the name if I’m going to be honest! Available in Market Square, this spiral-cut spud is covered in a trifecta of mouth-watering ingredients: chopped bacon, queso sauce and scallions. Yes, please!
  • King’s Hawaiian BBQ Pork Slider: Next, I’m headed to Miss Lillian’s Pit for my favorite sandwich size – the slider – and this one has braised pork topped with cucumber kimchi and a chili glaze. Bring on the deliciousness!

DW_Spring Collection_Original-58.png

  • Bavarian Pretzel Crab Melt: After a ride on the Dollywood Express in The Village, I’m stopping by Iron Horse Pizza and indulging in this snack. I’m sure that these pretzel sticks are going to taste even better when topped with a creamy mixture of crab, artichoke, mozzarella and parmesan.
  • Bursting Blueberry Boba Tea: I love a berry anything and also love Boba tea, so what could be a better way to satisfy my thirstiness? I’m pretty sure it’s going to go great with that loaded potato tornado! It’s available at Applejacks.

DW_Spring Collection_Original-593.png

  • Pistachio Ice Cream Sandwich: A different delectable flavor of ice cream enveloped in a sweet Liege waffle and dipped in chocolate. No other explanation needed for why this made the list. Try it on your way in or at the end of the day at the Sweet Shoppe on Showstreet.

Returning Classics

Other tastes to try that can be enjoyed by treating yourself to a Tasting Pass:

  • At the Spotlight Bakery: hand-decorated cookies, flower cupcakes and seasonal filled cannolis
  • At Crossroads Funnel Cakes: berry-honey lavender funnel cake
  • At Festival Booth 1: Cuban sandwich with mojo sauce, street corn salad shaker and mango boba iced tea
  • At Applejacks: Braised pork slider, Korean beef bulgogi nachos, spicy Korean BBQ meatballs, and passion fruit lemonade

DW_Spring Collection_Original-82.png

  • At the Market Square Big Skillet: market street fajitas, superfood quinoa salad shaker, chicken cobb salad shaker and strawberry lemonade
  • At Market Square Sausage: potato tornado, twisted dog and a blue woog
  • At Iron Horse Pizza: superfood quinoa salad shaker and chicken cobb salad shaker
  • At Miss Lillian’s Pit: garlic shrimp mac & cheese and loaded mac & cheese

DW_Spring Collection_Original-44.png

The Flower & Food Festival Tasting Pass is priced $36.99 plus tax per person, and Gold/Diamond Season Passholders get a $3 discount per pass. This bloom and taste spectacular event lasts until June 11, so pick your palate partner, purchase a pass and dine your way through your spring Dollywood day.


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