How to Get to Dollywood How to Get to Dollywood

How to Get to Dollywood


April 23, 2022

Dollywood and the Great Smoky Mountains are the kinds of places that show up on a lot of lists. You know, the "Best Family Vacation" and "Best Affordable Destination" type of lists. With summer vacations quickly approaching, we'll play host to thousands of new families over the next several months. Where will you be traveling from? We want to help you get here-and enjoy the trip along the way. We're in a good spot-within a day's drive for most of the folks who live east of the Mississippi. And, Dollywood is only about four or so hours from several large cities. 

If you will be flying in, Knoxville is the closest airport. We're also an easy drive from Atlanta, Nashville and Charlotte if you fly into these hubs.

Below, we've tabbed some regional cities. Check out the map and our recommendations for enjoyment along the way!


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