Tips for Guests with Food Allergies/Special Diets Tips for Guests with Food Allergies/Special Diets

Tips for Guests with Food Allergies/Special Diets


August 12, 2022

*Updated March 21, 2023

Food allergies are common—and becoming more common each year. At Dollywood, we want to offer all of our guests a full park experience. And of course, a full experience includes a meal that will keep you fueled for a day packed with fun. Because it can be trickier navigating a theme park when you have food allergies, I wanted to cover some notes that will help you as you're looking for your next Dollywood meal.

First Things to Know

As the need for allergy information has grown, you will notice we now have symbols on our menu boards across the park. These symbols denote items that are gluten free (GF), vegetarian (V) and vegan (VG). Hopefully, this gives you a quick glance at items that may be an option for your diet.

If you need to see an ingredient list, every dining location offers an allergen book. Our hosts are happy to let you take a look before ordering. Just ask!

Gluten Free

For those who eat gluten free, I would like to point you to Front Porch Café, Till & Harvest Food Hall or Iron Horse Pizza. These restaurants in particular are best-suited for gluten free needs. While the gluten free pizza is great, you may also want to try the Apple Walnut Salad when eating at Iron Horse Pizza and Lumber Jack's Pizza. And, if you need a gluten free bun for your burger, be sure to ask the next time you're at Red's Drive-In.

When it's time for dessert, look for options like gluten free brownies at walk-up service options. 

Vegetarian and Vegan

At Dollywood, we use Beyond Meat products for those who prefer the vegetarian or vegan diet. You can get a burger or crumbles in a burrito bowl at Till & Harvest and we have several plant-based protein menu items at Front Porch Café. We even ensure that the rice for the burrito bowls isn't cooked in chicken stock, so you can rest assured each step of the recipe is considered before we mark it as vegan. We also have vegan hot dogs available upon request at Dogs N Taters.

Common Allergies

In this section, I'll share some notes that may be of interest for various allergies:

*When purchasing items for our menus, our culinary team is intentional concerning food sensitivities. For example, I learned that the Daiya crust we use at Iron Horse Pizza is a brand that pledges to be free of the top eight food allergens.

*For those who are interested in what kind of cooking oil we use across the park, we use soybean or canola oil.

*We have stickers on doors where products with peanuts are served.

*One of my office teammates has a severe dairy allergy. She avoids everything made with butter, so when she orders the Meatloaf Stacker from Granny Ogle's Ham N Beans, she'll order a double portion of green beans to replace the side of mashed potatoes. You are welcome to make substitutions like that. Also, I know sweets can be hard for her, but here's some advice: though she has to skip Spotlight Bakery, she says another go-to treat is Dollywood's kettle corn (or specialty festival drinks if those are on the menu!).


Do You Have Questions?

Please ask if you have questions while you're visiting us. Remember to ask to see the allergen book, or you can speak to one of our chefs if you're dining at one of our sit-down locations. For those who plan ahead, you are welcome to shoot us your questions in advance. Give us five business days to respond and be sure to note the email address has an "s" on questions:


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