The Spa at Dollywood's DreamMore Resort and Spa The Spa at Dollywood's DreamMore Resort and Spa

Spa Specials

With each season, the mountain air changes and so do our spa specials. These specials capture the colors, ingredients, and aromas of each season. From the fresh scents of spring and summer to the woodsy fragrances of fall and winter, The Spa at Dollywood's DreamMore Resort offers it all.

2021 Flower & Food Festival Spa Pairings

Flower Power Botanical Body Treatment
60 Minutes | $130

A lavender-infused exfoliation renews skin in this relaxing body treatment. Skin is nourished with a rich sunflower butter serum and then cocooned as the velvety serum soaks in. Finally, a relaxing massage with a fast-absorbing botanical oil filled with fatty acids and antioxidants, leaving skin glowing.

Flower Power Sole Revival Pedicure
50 Minutes | $70

Tired feet relish in a sea salt, Epsom and Himalayan salt mineral bath infused with fresh herbs and flowers. A sea salt, raw honey and lavender exfoliation renews dead, dry skin and calloused feet. Next, legs and feet are painted in a rich sunflower butter serum to nourish the driest of soles and then cocooned as the velvety serum soaks in. The grand finale is a relaxing massage with a Hi-Bio™ fast absorbing, full spectrum hemp oil with botanical extracts and oils filled with fatty acids and antioxidants. This dual-phase body oil leaves legs with an instant luminosity.

Guac N’ Glow Toning & Tightening Facial
50 Minutes | $130

Ahhhhvocado to the rescue as this facial leaves you smooth and completely refreshed. It begins with a hydrating, minty Green Tea Milk Wash. Next, skin is quenched with a Vitamin Berry Tonic before a powder blend of powerhouse turmeric, mango butter, poppy seeds, milk and clay exfoliates the skin. After a quick rinse, you will bask in a dollop of Guac Star revitalizing and cooling mask. It nourishes skin with avocado oil, butter and extract, essential fatty acids, moisture-locking ingredients and skin-feeding super antioxidants – green tea, goji fruit and pomegranate. Once you’ve hit a happy shade of green, we apply a skin-brightening super serum. Three Milk Moisturizer, infused with patented peptides, helps soften deep winkles, while Crow Catcher Eye Transformation Serum helps say goodbye to tired eyes and hello to a more vibrant you!

Happy Camper Head & Neck Massage (Add-On)
15 Minutes | $25

Blissful head and neck stress relief with deliciously-fragranced blackcurrant-infused oil.

Juicy Lip Treat (Add-On)
$15 Add-On

Pucker up to softness! Your hands, feet and face can’t have all of the fun, that’s why we’ve created this delicious add-on just for lips. We begin with an organic blackberry scrub — U.S. grown cane sugar whisks away dry skin that’s overstayed its visit. A hydrating honey, oat and yogurt mask is then painted on to purify and detoxify. Seal all this in with a shea butter balm scented with notes reminiscent of the juiciest blackberries.