Poolside Dining

Take a dip into dining this summer with Dollywood's DreamMore Resort and Spa’s new poolside offerings. From everyday snacks to refreshing beverages, our resort’s newest experience gives every guest the chance to enjoy their favorite meals and desserts by the pool’s edge. Lounge under an umbrella, search through the Poolside Dining menu, and order up the trip you deserve.

Just as refreshing as the crisp water is our strawberry pecan salad. Looking to take a mid-day break? Kick your feet back with our Whiskey Burger, or experience the delicious, southern charm of our “Mason Jar” Banana Pudding. To close off the night, what better way than with Tennessee Chili Nachos big enough for everyone to “chip” in! Whether your preference is savory or sweet, this experience is sure to make a splash in your Dollywood vacation.

Poolside dining is only available during outdoor pool operating season.

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