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Frequently Asked Questions 

Purchasing a Super Pass, Dollywood or Dollywood's Splash Country season pass just got easier! Our online monthly payment program allows you to make monthly payments to spread out the cost of your Season Pass when you renew or purchase a 2020 Season Pass.
Renew or purchase a 2020 Season Pass with our online payment plan and spread your payments out into easy monthly payments.
The online payment plan is valid for online purchases only. Simply make your selections, choose the online payment option and follow the step-by-step instructions. At the time of purchase, the total amount due is calculated and divided into 3 monthly payments. You are required to make your first payment at the time of purchase. The remaining payments are automatically billed every 30 days* for the next 2 months to a credit card that you provide. The first monthly payment will be charged immediately at the time of purchase.

*Please note, if you purchase on the first day of any month that has 31 days, your card will be charged on the first and the thirty-first.

The online payment plan may be used to purchase any Dollywood or Dollywood's Splash Country Season Pass, including the following pass types:

  • Regular Super Pass (ages 10 & older)
  • Child Super Pass (Born 2014-Age 9)
  • Gold Super Pass (ages 10 & older)
  • Dollywood Regular Season Pass (ages 10-61)
  • Dollywood Child Season Pass (Born 2014-Age 9)
  • Dollywood Gold Season Pass (ages 10 - 61)
  • Dollywood Senior Season Pass (ages 62 & Older)
  • Dollywood Senior Gold Season Pass (ages 62 & Older)
  • Dollywood's Splash Country Regular Season Pass (ages 10 & older)
  • Dollywood's Splash Country Child Season Pass (Born 2014-Age 9)
  • Dollywood's Splash Country Gold Season Pass (ages 10 & older)  
No, the bill date established at the time you set up your payment plan agreement cannot be changed.
Pass prices are the same for the online payment plan. However, there is a $5 fee per pass charged in the initial payment for utilizing the Online Payment plan.
Yes, if you kept the same type of season pass. However, if you changed pass types (such as changing from a Child Pass to a Regular Pass or from a Super Pass to a Dollywood Pass), you must receive a new ID card.

A new season pass voucher will be mailed to you after purchase and you can exchange it for your 2020 season pass ID card at the Season Pass Center at the park entrance.
The online payment plan may be used to purchase any Dollywood or Dollywood's Splash Country Season Pass, your payment will be determined by your pass types that you purchase.
You will be notified by email if your payment is declined. The charge will be attempted twice again over the following week, and you will receive an additional email each time these attempts fail.

If your payment is declined and each of the 2 attempts that follow also fail, you will receive notification that all Season Passes on the order will be blocked from park entry until the payment is made. You may also receive an automated text message or phone call with information on how to successfully make payment and unblock your Season Pass. Please call 800-365-5996 to update your payment information.
Sorry, but all payment amounts are pre-determined, and only the first payment amount is accepted as a down payment at time of purchase.
No. Your 2020 Season Pass will not automatically renew for 2021 with the online payment plan. Your 2020 Pass is valid for the 2020 season only. You will have to sign up for the online payment plan once again to purchase a new pass for the 2021 season.
No. One-day tickets cannot be applied to online purchases. However, you may upgrade your one-day ticket to a current year's Season Pass for a nominal one-time fee at the park. This transaction must be completed at the park on the day you redeem your one-day ticket to be eligible for the upgrade.
No. All passes under one agreement must be billed to the same credit card. You must set up a separate agreement for each purchase that requires the use of a different credit card for payment.
Yes. You may change your credit or debit card used for payment by calling 800-365-5996. Please remember to do this if your card expires or you are issued a new card during the payment period.
No. Once you set up your payment plan, it cannot be cancelled. Those who wish to terminate their plan agreement prior to completion of the payment period are required to pay in full for each Season Pass included under the agreement.
No. All passes purchased under one agreement remain the responsibility of the person who originally set up the payment plan. Season Passes are non-transferable.
Yes. Once you set up your payment plan, passes within the plan can be upgraded. Payment on the original purchase will continue as agreed. You will only be required to pay the difference between the Regular Pass and the Gold Pass or Super Pass. This upgrade transaction must be paid in full at time of upgrade and cannot be added to your online payment plan agreement.
No. You must pay your outstanding balance in full before purchasing another payment plan.