Ride Rating System

A Ride Rating Program has been designed providing a scale for rating the thrill factor of each ride. The intent is to provide a scale to guide park Guests in determining which attractions to ride based on their own experience level, physical condition and abilities.


Ride Safety Information Signs can be found at the entrance of each ride to help determine the attractions that are suitable for Guests based on their abilities. You will see the following symbols used throughout the Attraction Information Section and our Ride Safety Information Signs:
Accessibility Icon ECV to Wheelchair Transfer
Guests must transfer to a manual wheelchair.
Accessibility Icon Wheelchair
Guests may remain in their standard wheelchair throughout the attraction experience. (This does not apply to Electric Convenience Vehicles (ECV) or motorized wheelchairs at any of the ride at- tractions.) It also identifies disability entrances throughout the Park.
Accessibility Icon Wheelchair Transfer
Guests who use a standard wheelchair or Electric Convenience Vehicle (ECV) must transfer from their vehicle to a ride vehicle.
Accessibility Icon Cane
Guests who use a standard wheelchair or Electric Convenience Vehicle (ECV) must be able to leave their vehicles and walk or be assisted by their companion to the ride vehicle.
Accessibility Icon Height
Guests must be of the indicated height to experience this attraction.

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