What is Dollywood's Ride Accessibility Center? What is Dollywood's Ride Accessibility Center?

What is Dollywood's Ride Accessibility Center?


June 06, 2022

At Dollywood, we want everyone in your family to enjoy our park. We intentionally design experiences for people of differing abilities. In fact, one of Dollywood's complimentary services is our Ride Accessibility Center. Are you familiar with it? It's a beautiful concept that was created to help guests get more out of their Dollywood visit. We partner with Covenant Health to offer a center for families to learn about rider requirements and other accommodations. Allow me to tell you more.

What Is Dollywood's Ride Accessibility Center?

Years ago, our team identified a need for a landing place for people who arrive at Dollywood with questions about what they are able to enjoy. Whether you recently broke your ankle, have a family member with a sensory processing disorder, have a prosthetic or are pregnant, the Ride Accessibility Center is the frontline resource for guests to ask questions in a private setting.

Located just steps from the front gate, between the Dollywood Emporium and Centralized Measuring, the Ride Accessibility Center gives you the opportunity to speak with knowledgeable Dollywood hosts about rider requirements and accessibility options (such as adult changing tables) throughout the park.

Who Should Visit Dollywood's Ride Accessibility Center?

Anyone who has a question or concern about what he or she can do while visiting Dollywood should stop by the Ride Accessibility Center. Our hosts are trained to help you determine what rides and attractions will work best for you. Each ride manufacturer specifies rider requirements we follow (example: height requirements and must be able to maintain upper body control). When you visit the Ride Accessibility Center, our hosts are able to review all the relevant guidelines so you know what to expect before you get in a line queue.


What Do I Need to Take When I Visit Dollywood's Ride Accessibility Center?

No appointment or documentation is necessary to visit Dollywood's Ride Accessibility Center. We understand that not all disabilities are visible. What you share with our team is private and based on the honor system. If it is determined you should receive a Boarding Pass to help accommodate your need, you will need to visit the Ride Accessibility Center each time you visit Dollywood.

What Services Are Offered at Dollywood's Ride Accessibility Center?

Our Ride Accessibility hosts may offer a Boarding Pass for those who need to use the accessibility entrance or for those who are not able to stand for long periods of time. The Boarding Pass is not a TimeSaver Pass; it is designed for people who need assistance getting on and off rides. It is a timed-entry card that a host will verify at each ride. (Example: if the wait is 30 minutes, you will be given a time to arrive for your ride.) You may take up to five friends with you to ride. The person for whom the Boarding Pass is issued must ride for the Boarding Pass to be valid. Side note- if you need a Boarding Pass and want an expedited line queue, you may still purchase a TimeSaver Pass. We offer a Calming Room for people who need a few minutes to decompress from overstimulation. This room remains locked unless in use. If this is an opportunity that would benefit your party, ask about it at the Ride Accessibility Center when you first arrive. The team will give you a phone number to call so that they can meet you at the room to unlock it for you. The room is sanitized after each use. Learn more about our Calming Room in this blog.

For those who would like to rent an Electronic Convenience Vehicle (ECV) or a wheelchair, you may do so at our Rental Services. We make some rentals available online before your visit, but the majority of the resources are available daily first-come, first-served. I encourage you to arrive 30 minutes before the park opens to get in line at Rental Services to ensure you are able to secure a rental. Wheelchair and ECV rentals are not available at the Ride Accessibility Center.

More Resources

We hope to prepare you as much as possible for what you can expect before you arrive. Here is a link to Dollywood's accessibility guide and rider requirement chart. If you have questions before your visit, you are encouraged to call 1 (800) Dollywood so you may be connected with the Ride Accessibility team.


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