Camp DW

Dollywood vacations are tailor-made for all ages. At Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa, we aim to delight and spark a sense of wonder and fun in our youngest visitors. Camp DW is a fun way for parents to come together with their children to engage in a creative environment, providing a unique experience for even our youngest traveler.

Camp DW provides fun-filled indoor and outdoor activities, pool parties during the summer, and themed programming designed to inspire you and your child’s imagination. From arts and crafts to storytelling, Camp DW will delight and entertain your children throughout your visit and provide more time together in an environment made for families.

Camp DW activities take place throughout the resort. Please check the Resort Weekly Activity Schedule for information on what activities will be offered during your stay.

Things To Know

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DreamMore Resort & Spa

Please Check The Resort Weekly Activity Schedule For Camp DW Information

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