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Smart Travel Tips By SmartBank

1.  Notify your bank or credit/debit card companies about upcoming travel plans to avoid charges being declined. Often times, if you don’t make your bank aware of travel plans, the company’s fraudulent detection system may assume suspicious activity on your card and decline the purchase.

2.  Plan to carry an alternative form of payment for minimal purchases in the event something happens with your primary card and it quits working. You’ll want to have enough cash or a second debit/credit card on hand so that you’re not inconvenienced and without a way to pay.

3.  If you’re going to be gone for an extended period of time, arrange for someone to pick up your mail. Leaving mail in your mailbox that could contain bank statements, credit card statements, or any identifying account information, puts you at risk for identity theft.

4.  It’s always a good idea to have a plan in place in the event of unplanned emergencies such as breaking down on the side of the road. There are several companies that provide roadside assistance services that will come to your rescue so you can still go about enjoying your vacation.

5.  Think about starting a vacation savings account. A special savings account designated for vacation budgeting can be designed to help you save all throughout the year so that the stress of funding your vacation doesn’t put too much of a strain on your cash flow.

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