Spotlight Bakery

Any time's the perfect time for dessert, and our pastry chefs create tempting treats to satisfy any sweet tooth. Try the 25-pound apple pie that is baked to perfection in a cast-iron skillet, ensuring a flaky crust. For a limited time during Smoky Mountain Christmas presented by Humana, try the flavorful Eggnog Cupcake (pictured).

Featured Festival Items
*(TP) indicates Christmas Tasting Pass eligible.
Cookie Cupcake | The tastes of vanilla and cinnamon fill this sweet cupcake, topped off with a sugar cookie crumble.

Eggnog Cupcake (TP) | This yummy cupcake is flavored with the sweet tastes of vanilla and cinnamon, then topped off with eggnog-flavored buttercream icing.

Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls | The holiday taste of gingerbread covers everyone’s favorite cinnamon rolls, and it’s sweetened even more with icing and caramel sauce.

Gingerbread People | The holiday’s favorite taste is dressed up as yummy gingerbread people cookie shapes.

Holiday Cookies (TP) | Christmas takes shape with these holiday-inspired iced sugar cookies.

Holiday Danish | A Baklava-style filling combines with traditional Danish dough for a wonderful Christmas treat, topped off with sweet icing.

Hot Chocolate Cupcake | The warming taste of hot chocolate takes cupcake form and is topped with delicious vanilla peppermint buttercream icing.

Macaroons | A delicious coconut macaroon dipped in chocolate offers a double-sweet holiday treat.

Main Menu
*Subject to change without notice. Dietary indicators: Gluten-Friendly (GF), Vegan (VG) and Vegetarian (V).

Fresh-Baked Goods
-Danish (V)
-Cinnamon Roll (V)
-Cupcake (V)
-Turnover (V)
-1/3 Pound Cupcake (V)
-Muffin (V)
-Ghirardelli® Brownie (V)
-Rice Krispie Treat (V)
-Decorated Sugar Cookie (V)
-25-Pound Apple Pie (V) | By the slice or get the whole pie.

Fresh-Baked Bread
-Assorted Quick Bread (V)
-Assorted Yeast Bread (V)

Fresh-Brewed Coffee
We Proudly Serve Starbucks®
-Starbucks® Pike Place | Regular or Decaf
-Selection of Syrups | Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut and Seasonal Flavor

-Coca-Cola® Fountain Beverages
-Dasani® Bottled Water
-Milk | Chocolate or 2%

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