Weather Guidelines for Rides & Attractions

We value your safety at Dollywood. In the event of occasional inclement weather we adhere to the following guidelines listed below. During these times we invite you to visit indoor attractions, shops or restaurants until weather passes. Thank you for your cooperation!

Temperature At Which Each Ride/Attraction Closes:

Ride & Attraction
Amazing Flying Elephants 32 degrees
Barnstormer 32 degrees
5 degrees
FireChaser Express*
34 degrees
Lightning Rod
37 degrees
LumberJack Lifts
32 degrees
Mystery Mine*
34 degrees
Shooting Star
36 degrees
Sky Rider
36 degrees
Tennessee Tornado
34 degrees
Thunderhead 34 degrees
Whistle Punk Chaser*
36 degrees
Wild Eagle
34 degrees

*These rides will not open until the temperature reaches 40 degrees.