Lumber Jack's Pizza

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As any lumberjack can tell you, it's easy to work up a big appetite whether you're having fun or working hard!

Main Menu
*Subject to change without notice. Dietary indicators: Gluten-Friendly (GF), Vegan (VG) and Vegetarian (V).

8-Inch Pizzas
Gluten-friendly and vegan pizzas available upon request.
-Lumberjack | A combination of sausage, pepperoni and bacon.

Daily Specialty Pizzas or Bolis
-Italian White
-Buffalo Chicken
-BBQ Chicken

Vegan Pizzas
-Meatless Pepperoni
-Fire-Roasted Vegetable
-Meatless Meat Lovers

-Chicken Caesar Salad
-Vegan Garden Salad

Kids' Meals
-PB&J Sandwich | Served with applesauce, animal crackers, and choice of juice box or fountain beverage.

-Breadsticks | Served with Alfredo sauce.
-Italian Meatballs

-Chocolate Chip Cookies
-Gluten-Friendly Brownie

-Coca-Cola® Fountain Beverage
-Dasani® Bottled Water
-Juice Box
-Hot Coffee
-Hot Cappucino
-Hot Chocolate
-Souvenir Refills Mug

Things To Know

Timber Canyon

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