Sweets and Treats

Try a number of tasty treats both savory and sweet to fill up your family and get them back to the excitement of Wildwood Grove.

Main Menu
*Subject to change without notice.

Specialty Drinks
-Old Fashioned Soft Serve Floats | Choice of fountain flavor with vanilla or chocolate soft serve.

Ice Cream
-Soft Serve Ice Cream | Choice of chocolate, vanilla, or twist in a cake cone or cup
-Chocolate-Dipped Cone Available

-Hotdog | Nathan's® All-Beef Frank in a toasted bun, served with chips.
-Jumbo Pretzel | Choice of salt with cheese sauce or cinnamon sugar.
-Churro | Choice of caramel or chocolate sauce.

-Coca-Cola® Fountain Beverage
-Dasani® Bottled Water
-Souvenir Refills Mug

Things To Know

Wildwood Grove

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