Sweets and Treats

Try a number of tasty treats both savory and sweet to fill up your family and get them back to the excitement of Wildwood Grove. For a limited time during Smoky Mountain Christmas presented by Humana, try the delectable Gingerbread Churro (pictured).

Featured Festival Items
*(TP) indicates Christmas Tasting Pass eligible.
Gingerbread Churro (TP) | Sweet churros are made more delectable topped with ginger-cinnamon sugar dredge and a side of peppermint eggnog dipping sauce.

Ice Cream In Gingerbread Cone (TP) | Your choice of ice cream will taste even more delicious in our gingerbread-flavored waffle cone.

Wassail | Delicious harvest spices and citrus flavors combine with hot cider for this warm, wonderful taste of the season.

*Menu subject to change without notice.

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