Let Your Imagination Bloom

Flower & Food Festival Presented By Covenant Health

April 21 - June 4, 2023

Spring blooms to life in spectacular color at Dollywood's Flower & Food Festival presented by Covenant Health. Discover seasonal splendor as larger-than-life Mosaicultures blossom across the park. Beneath the rainbow-hued tapestry of Umbrella Sky, sample unique garden-fresh flavors, while dozens of live musicians and more than one million vibrant flowers surround you with endless inspiration.

New Spring Surprises

Blooming Bigger Than Ever

New springtime surprises are in bloom at Flower & Food Festival. A proud peacock has appeared among our iconic Mosaicultures, showing off his blossoming plume made of live plants and fresh flowers. "Bee" on the lookout for another new living plant sculpture: A busy beekeeper and his hive working hard among the blooms to collect honey for our new springtime treats, including an adorable beehive sugar cookie. Stroll among more than 500,000 vibrant flowers, blooming in brilliant hues of purple, pink and yellow. See them stretch as far as the eye can see.

Taste Unique Flavors of Spring

Savor Garden-Fresh Flavors

Savor unique flavors and garden-fresh bites available only at Flower & Food Festival. Taste plates with international flair like Street Corn Salad and Spicy Korean BBQ Meatballs and Southern-inspired favorites including Smoked Mac & Cheese and Bacon Jammin' Fries. Satisfy your sweet tooth with spring-themed sugar cookies and enjoy bright, refreshing sips like Raspberry Boba Tea or Cranberry Watermelon Cooler.

Inspiring Sounds Fill The Spring Air

New Spring Surprises

Hall Sisters Hall Sisters

See street performers flying through the air during performances of Bloom!, an all-new sway pole show that celebrates the spirit of a Smoky Mountain spring. As our flowers fill the air with their sweet scents, so too do the sounds of lively musicians fill the streets and stages of Dollywood. Wander through the park to hear live music like the Hall Sisters and inspiring tunes wafting from around every flower-filled corner. Grab a seat to watch a show in a theater or outdoor stage, or simply listen as you explore.

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