Let Your Imagination Bloom

Flower & Food Festival

Presented By Covenant Health

April 19 - June 9, 2024

Experience the splendor of springtime in the Smokies. Blooming to life in spectacular color, Dollywood's Flower & Food Festival celebrates the beautiful blossoms and fresh flavors of the season with larger-than-life Mosaicultures and unique foods! Capture picture-perfect moments under our signature Umbrella Sky and hear inspiring sounds of springtime as live music fills the air. Celebrate spring with all your senses today.

More Than A Million Marvelous Blooms


Discover the splendor of a Smoky Mountain spring as Dollywood bursts to life with more than one million brilliant blooms! Wander among the fragrant flowers, blossoming in vibrant hues of purple, pink and yellow. As you journey through the park, you'll encounter towering sculptures crafted from thousands of living plants, including a playful peacock, mischievous bears, an upside-down umbrella and even a busy beekeeper all blooming sky high.

Taste Unique Flavors of Spring

Mouthwatering Flavors


Sample the best of the Smokies with garden-fresh bites and refreshing sips available only during Dollywood's Flower & Food Festival.


Inspiring Sounds Fill The Spring Air

Spring Entertainment

Hall Sisters Hall Sisters

As our flowers fill the air with their sweet scents, so too do the sounds of lively musicians filling the streets and stages of Dollywood.

Umbrella Sky Umbrella Sky

Spring Shines Through Umbrella Sky

The spectacular colors of spring rain down as sunlight spills through our Umbrella Sky, a vibrant tapestry of yellow, purple, pink, green and blue umbrellas dancing in the breeze just above your head.

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