Forge-Your-Own Knife

The practice of knifemaking once was a necessity for the people of the Smoky Mountains, and Dollywood’s artisans keep this centuries-old practice alive with the opportunity for guests to make their own custom metalwork piece.

Here’s what you’ll be doing:

  • Choose one of three options – by making your knife from a railroad spike, horseshoe or bolt.
  • Guest will be given safety equipment and instructed on its use; then craftsperson will bring person into the blacksmith work area and explain the steps to follow.
  • Guests not only can see these craftsmen and their work up close but now also can play an active part. By working along with a master craftsman, guests can step into the past as they work to create their own unique souvenir.
  • Guests have most likely never been able to work in a blacksmith forge before, and with this "make your own knife" experience, Dollywood is giving them a unique opportunity for a brief moment in time to craft something as an American pioneer might have.
  • Your completed knife will be delivered to package pick-up in the Emporium for you to get when you leave your day at Dollywood.

Price: $34.99-$99.99 + tax 

Visit Valley Forge Blacksmith To Make A Reservation

Things To Know

Craftsman's Valley

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