Dip-Your-Own Candles

The everyday art of making candles has been an American experience for generations. At Old Flames Candle Shop, guests can create their own works of art in the form of a custom-made candle to take home for a lasting memory.

Here’s what you’ll be doing:

  • Guest will choose one or more candle creations from dozens of shapes, sizes and designs.
  • Then, each candle will be dipped in one or a multitude of colors using Dollywood’s special wax blend.
  • The candle will transform as colors and layers are added, making a unique keepsake that has been created in just minutes.
  • The handcrafted piece can be taken by the guest after completion or can be delivered to package pick-up in the Emporium to be picked up when leaving Dollywood.

Price: $7.99-$16.99 + tax

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