Big Bear Mountain Opening in Pictures Big Bear Mountain Opening in Pictures

Big Bear Mountain Opening in Pictures


May 17, 2023


There is never a dull moment here at Dollywood, especially when we’re busy following Ned Oakley around on his pursuit to find Big Bear. After much anticipation, the ropes dropped on Dollywood’s biggest coaster ever and Big Bear Mountain officially opened to the public on Friday, May 12. As the first search groups embark on the search for this legendary creature, we’d like to reflect on all the buzz in the air during opening day and show some love to the brilliant theming featured on this ride.


As guests enter the ride plaza, they immediately know that this is not the work of any regular bear. From the scratch in the sign to the paw prints on the ground, it is abundantly clear that Big Bear was here, and he wanted everyone to know it.


Dressed the part in a bear costume complete with a honey bee hair piece, Dolly was all smiles. After sending the first group of adventurers off to find Big Bear, our Dreamer-in-Chief serenaded onlookers with a brand-new Big Bear Mountain tune.


Tall tales are a time-honored tradition, and there is no shortage of them when it comes to the mysterious Big Bear. The Great Smoky Mountains are home to many black bears, but Big Bear isn’t just any ordinary bear. Guests can take a peek into Ned Oakley’s research and learn more about the legend as they enter the ride queue.


Any seasoned explorer should pack up their provisions in order to plan for any excitement their trek in the wilderness has to offer. Being the longest ride at Dollywood with a length of 3,990 ft., Big Bear Mountain is full of surprises that everyone should prepare for. Luckily, the ride queue is full of spare “Bear-paks” that are perfect for the adventure ahead!


There is nothing better than a beautiful sunny day to help Ned and his fellow adventurers make the most of a day of exploration in Wildwood Grove. At a maximum height of 65 ft. in the air, riders are taken to new heights to get an aerial view of their surroundings. Can anyone see Big Bear from here?


Hold on tight, riders - there’s a waterfall up ahead! As the train comes around a curve, it passes under a cave-like overpass behind a gorgeous cascading waterfall. Don’t worry - it is out of the splash-zone!


Riders join Ned in his SUV as it drives through an underground passage. Complete with onboard audio and lights, these ride vehicles are perfect for the off-roading deep into the woods as the race to find Big Bear continues!


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